Cicindela trifasciata sigmoidea

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Cicindela trifasciata sigmoidea
Phân loại khoa học
Giới (regnum) Animalia
Ngành (phylum) Arthropoda
Lớp (class) Insecta
Bộ (ordo) Coleoptera
Họ (familia) Carabidae
Phân họ (subfamilia) Cicindelinae
Chi (genus) Cicindela
Loài (species) C. trifasciata
Phân loài (subspecies) C. t. sigmoidea
Danh pháp ba phần
Cicindela trifasciata sigmoidea

Cicindela trifasciata sigmoidea, thường được gọi là mudflat tiger beetle, là một loài tiger beetle.

The specimen shown in the picture was raised in captivity in Pasadena, California, an inland city. Its parents were captured at the Mugu Naval Base marsh in Ventura, California in 2003 (for a UCLA Masters thesis). This species of tiger beetle was found to be rare in 1982 by a study conducted by the Los Angelels County Natural History Museum. The leading entomologists for the 1982 study were Christopher Nagano and James Hogue. This tiger beetle, the second smallest of the six Cicindela in the Naval Base, is now extremely rare.