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4. Great Flood and Sphynx

Weed exploded the roaring of lion.

He held a spear stuck on the ground with his right hand and threw out his chest.

He was full of dignity.

“Kill Weed!”

“Kill him first. It’s an order from our leader Velonie.”

Monsters in the burning Serabourg Castle popped out and ran towards Weed.

Even those surrounding the castle broke their parameter and moved.

Their only objective was to kill Weed.

The roaring of lion was more than enough to draw their attentions.

Weed didn’t expect the effect to be this much.

“I guess I really am popular.”

Weed was finally able to realize his popularity!


SeoYoon stared at Weed.

She had no idea why Weed was so confident when he just provoked Embinue church.

“I can fight all I want now.”

“Let’s begin a festival of blood.”

Van Hawk and Torido prepared for the battle.

And Weed turned out without any hesitation.


Weed’s decision was to run away.

Obviously, he had no plan of fighting Embinue armies to death and face his death.

That kind of reckless plan would never happen with Weed.

SeoYoon sighed and followed Weed.

She also agreed on Weed’s obvious decision.

But she wondered if provoking them with the roaring of lion and sticking a spear on the ground was necessary.

Weed had different thoughts.

‘I’m sure I looked cool at least for few seconds.’

As a man, he couldn’t resist the temptation.

Now that every armies of Embinue is chasing him, all that’s left for him to do is running away.

Dark holy knights were trying to block Weed on their horses.

“Van Hawk, open the path.”

“Yes, master.”

Van Hawk ran to them on his ghost horse, drew his sword and swung.

Dark holy knights and horses fell down all together.

Weed always despised Van Hawk for being useless and wasting experience.

But as Weed took Van Hawk with him for hunting and raising, Van Hawk finally performed a great play as a dark knight.

He was also popular that wherever Weed was, people expected the death knight to be there with him.

“Let’s go. Keep breaking through!”

Embinue armies started forming a new parameter.

Those watching from the hill was able to see armies of fanatics and monsters moving as a team and narrowing their parameter down on Weed.

“So that’s what happens when he fights alone.”

“He must be really scared. Tens of thousands soldiers coming to kill him.”

“It must be awesome.”

The scene of monsters gathering made them feel grand.

“Don’t stop like this!”

Weed swung his spear of bull-lancer fiercely.


-Shark Strike!

You threw enemies far away.

-Sharp Strike!

A dark holy knight is paralyzed.


The ice troll blew out the defending line formed of dark holy knights’ monsters.

Most of them didn’t die at once but Weed didn’t have time to finish them off.

“I shouldn’t leave preys alive… whatever.”

It hurt for Weed to leave piles of monsters alive.

But he didn’t have any time to waste as more armies of Embinue were coming.

“Those who do not follow Embinue are cowards!”


-Due to a curse provoking fear, your fighting spirit decreased by 56.


“Foolish ones will fall into deep agony and never repent its sins.”


Due to provocation of agony, your health decrease 17% more when you take damages.


All kinds of curses casted by voodooists were given to Weed and his allies.

A small skeleton was circling around Weed’s body and there was a huge burning hand approaching him.

Mists appeared around him, narrowing his vision.

Just like rumors said, it was difficult to deal with voodooists of Embinue.

In a split second, at least seven spells were casted on Weed and his allies.

Weed and SeoYoon received every possible blessings from priests in advance.

But because of the curse, the effect of blessings wore out fast and their combat power decreased.

“We need to keep running and go over dark holy knights.”

Curses disappears quickly if you get blessed again or have a holy item.

Depending on black spell resistance or concentration stat, it disappeared naturally.

Their first task was to defeat dark holy knights.

“I, Van Hawk the dark knight challenge you for a duel.”

“I am Delick a proud servant of Embinue. I accept your challenge.”

Van Hawk defeated higher-rank dark holy knights consecutively!

All those time training Van Hawk was finally paying off.

Weed, SeoYoon and Torido defeated approaching dark holy knights as well.

SeoYoon fully awakened as a berserker and her attacks started to increase and her vitality barely dropped.

SeoYoon was full of energy that she even took out monsters approaching Weed.

They broke through dark holy knights but there were still armies of fanatics behind dark holy knights.

Like before, fanatics weren’t much of a threat.

But because they were delayed by dark holy knights, main forces of Embinue that destroyed Serabourg Castle were getting closer.

They will be delayed at least a little bit fanatics and then, armies of Embinue will narrow in and completely surround them.

Weed wasn’t able to see any breakthrough!

Weed gave his eyes to Van Hawk and Torido.

Those two were fighting well perhaps because they have been through tough regions a lot.

They were both undeads so they were very immune to curses and poisons.

Van Hawk received some serious injuries after fighting dark holy knights but he was still up for fights.

SeoYoon defeated any left dark holy knights and monsters before they even came to her.

Due to her berserker ability, the more she killed strong enemies, the more her true offensive nature woke up.

Weed emitted cold aura, slowed them and froze them.


Enemies with low resistance against cold air were frozen on their way.


When Weed swung his spear to frozen fanatics, they received lethal damages and turned gray altogether.

Curses became weaker gradually so his situation wasn’t so bad.

But now was the biggest problem.

’Even if we run away with our best, we can’t guarantee if we can drop them. And if we escape too fast, armies of Embinue will target refugees with even more anger.’

Weed had to buy some time and keep drawing enemies’ attentions.

And he had to keep himself alive so it was a trinity force of difficulty.



“That is Weed for ya! It’s an adventure only Weed can take!”

The pub where Bart was in was full of people chatting.

They didn’t care about beers and foods; they were busy watching Weed’s adventure through the large crystal orb.

Of course Bart was watching too.

‘What’s so fun about this? He’s just escaping with everyone because he’s too scary.’

And then after some time…..

‘Well, it is fun. It’s somehow attracting. The lives of refugees are really at stakes.’

Few moment later, Weed took a role of bait with one of his ally and his two underlings voluntarily.

‘A decision like that…..’

The pub was quiet as dead.

Even employees in the pub stopped serving and watched Weed.

The tension created by the running-away of Wed and his allies. The scene of Embinue armies crowding in intimately. There was no way for people to be able to do other things while watching such spectacles.

Bart had no experiences or knowledge in the battle system so he didn’t fully understand how well Weed was fighting.

Besides wolves, foxes and rabbits, he had no idea how strong monsters are.

But he clearly received a feeling that Weed is about to do something.

He only met Weed in real life for a very short time but he knew Weed wasn’t reckless enough to jump right into enemies without any plans.

“Wait, the girl with mask beside him… she seems familiar. She can’t possibly be my daughter?”


“Torido, take your direction to left.”

“Alright, master!”

Torido recalled trueblood vampire tribe.

Vampires assaulted fanatics and increased their levels.

In a different meaning, fanatics had very pure bloods so they were ideal match for Trueblood Vampire tribes.

There were many priests of Embinue but they didn’t care about vampires; they only came after Weed.

Their must-kill target was Weed.

On the left where Torido is pointing, a river was flowing.

It was a place where a pyramid and statue of sphinx were standing.

“Those who mocked Embinue will not get away!”

Wyvern knights came down and attacked with their spears.

Arrows and spells were keep coming from far away.

Armies of Embinue were getting closer and over the pyramid and statue of sphinx, another groups of fanatics and monsters were approaching.

Now they were getting completely isolated!

Because monsters’ movement speed was high, Weed and his allies couldn’t escape the parameter while fighting enemies.

‘I won’t be able to protect you again this time.’

SeoYoon established her resolve to fight until the end.

She planned to fight for Weed and die before him no matter what.

“Don’t stand here. Let’s climb up.

Weed climbed up the pyramid.

The pyramid was built with rectangular bricks so it wasn’t hard climbing up.

But SeoYoon wondered why Weed decided to head to a dead-end.


SeoYoon realized something and kept following Weed.

“The spells and arrows will be vulnerable here.”

“Not bad place to give up running away and fight till death, master.”

Torido and Van Hawk followed Weed as well.

Fanatics, soldiers and monsters of Embinue followed them too.

Floor by floor, they engaged in fights against wyvern knights.

But wyvern knights themselves weren’t big obstacles for Weed and SeoYoon.

Because of that, less than one third of them were left but they kept attacking relentlessly.

Weed finally reached the top of pyramid.

It was a grave of king that Weed built with great affection.

He is the lord of Morata now but before that, he used to be an evil employer which made him possible to build such a huge structure.

His allies arrived at the top as well.

“What a view.”

Looking around from the top, it was all black because of Embinue forces.

The leader Velonie left burning Serabourg Castle behind and was coming this way with his royal army.

“I guess I’ve bought half the time I needed to clear this quest.”

The time he bought for refugees was enough for them to escape about two thirds of their way to safe places.

Because there are seniors in the march, they will become slower.

So it became more necessary for Weed to hold armies of Embinue here.

“Disable Sculptural Transformation.”

Weed transformed into his original body.

He took off his temporary leather armors and put the spear in his back pack.

Did he just get rid of the advantage of ice troll’s body when he was in a situations where he needs to fight large-scale battle?

Every user except Bart was wondering why.

Perhaps it was a mistake of Weed to climb up the pyramid in rush and he gave up his life.

“There was one advantage of living in a mountain. It was relatively safe when rain was pouring down!”

Weed took out a sculpture from his back pack.

A masterpiece ‘Heavy rain and overflowing river’

A sculpture made delicately with rocks.

It was a masterpiece finished with touches of raindrops and river water created by using Nature Sculpting.

“Disaster Sculpting!”


You used Disaster Sculpting.

20 Art stat disappeared permanently.

20,000 life and mana are consumed.

Every stat decrease by 15% for 96 hours.

Affinity with nature decreased.

You can only use Disaster Sculpting once per day.

If you bring a dangerous disaster, either your fame or infamy increased depending on the damages done.

You can die from the disaster so be careful.


He used Disaster Sculpting with 1,005 Affinity with nature that he recently raised.

“Well, we evacuated for sure.”

So far Weed has used the skill twice and he realized something with his own body.

You can really end up dead if you use the skill wrong.

Now that he climbed up to the top of pyramid, he was able to use the skill without any hesitation.

Dark clouds crowded in from the sky and poured down heavy rains.

It was as if there was a hole in the sky.

“It’s warming up.”

The rain continued.

Until the Disaster Sculpting is fully activated, Weed and his allies had to fight fanatics and monsters climbing up the pyramid in such bad weather.

“Our God is waiting for offerings.”

“Climb. Show them our bravery towards Embinue!”

Besides them, voodooists, magicians and priests of Embinue casted attack spells.

Weed took out a torch sculpted with Helium.

It gives you a mana barrier that blocked long-range attacks, tolerance to curse spells and even increased mana regeneration.

“Blade of Brilliance!”

Shining birds were created from Weed’s sword; it cleansed monsters, bumped into attack spells and exploded.

SeoYoon was fighting mainly monsters like a berserker.

With lights and spells clashing, the scene of top of the pyramid was colorful although it was hell for those who were fighting in there.

About 3~4 minutes later, Van Hawk sat down.

“Master, this is it for me. I’m so sorry I can’t fight till the end.”

Van Hawk recalled!

If Weed had some spare time, he would have put bandages around him and sent him to the back but Weed didn’t have time to care about others.

Embinue magicians’ attacks were frightful so he was barely dodging it or blocking with Blade of Brilliance.


-You were hit by attack spell ‘Spear of Nooren’

Your health decreased by 869.


Weed’s health dropped to less than 34,000 and SeoYoon was barely holding with endurance of berserker.

She was heavily injured as well because she blocked monsters running to Weed and became a target of curse and spells.

Not saving her body, she allowed even more attacks than Weed.

The rain weakened the damages of spells and arrows but it wasn’t that helpful.

“At this rate, We all gonna die….”

Velonie and his royal army was almost in the range to attack the pyramid.

Below the pyramid, monsters and fanatics who were trying to climb up received damages coming from their allies falling down because of heavy rain.

And then, the disaster finally began.

The pyramid and sphinx statue was built near Arude river of Rosenheim Kingdom.

The river finally started to flood

The overflowing water spread around fast.

It started to submerge ankles of enemies and the water level elevated quickly.

Tremendous water flooded from the upper region of Arude River and lowlands such as mountains, hills and plains were sank in the water.

Waves as big as a house swoop on enemies.

Even kallacropses fell down due to the strength of rough waves.

Gathered armies of Embinue got dispersed and tried to look for ways to live but it was like a ocean.

The water level reached above their heads.

Buildings collapsed and sieging weapons, boulders and trees were swept.

Fanatics and monsters who shouted Embinue got drowned.

Weed smiled just by looking at it.

“This is my favorite so far.”

But the casualty of armies after the flood ends was unknown.

Relatively weak fanatics received lethal damages for sure.

If they were swept by the torrents of flood, they could have died as a group.

But strong monsters, dark holy knights and dark priests had high heath and resistance so it was possible that they wouldn’t have died from the flood.

Now was the time for Weed.

Weed casted a spell toward the statue.

“Sculpture Life Bestowal!”


You bestowed a life to a sculpture.

The capabilities of sculpture is converted to 469 based on your current art stat, 2,281.

Due to the effect of outstanding masterpiece, additional 10% of level is added.

Four attributes are given to the sculpture.

Sculpture’s level and stats of attributes depend on the size and shape of sculpture.

Attribute of rock (100%), attribute of fire (80%), attribute of arts (100%), attribute of glory (100%)

Attribute of rock gives a special defense to the sculpture.

You can use attribute of fire to burn enemies.

It gains immunity to any curse spells.

It has strong resistance to black spells.

Due to the attribute of arts, it can bring the effects of arts up to 150%.

It applies to allies as well.

Attribute of glory gives dignity and charisma to the sculpture.

When it’s fighting with large army, it brings up their loyalty and morale and enhances effects from leadership of knights.

5,000 mana was consumed.

Efficiency of the skill increased; level and stats consumed when bestowing a life decrease by 20%

6 Art stat decreased permanently.

Decreased stat can be supplemented from activities related to sculptures and other arts.

Level decreased by 2. According to the level drop, your stats decreased by 10 each.

Decreased stats can be repaired when you level up.

Please handle your living sculpture with care.

If it loses its life, you need to bestow a life again.

If it’s completely destroyed, you cannot revive it.


Weed’s level became 405 again and his art stat was consumed.

But the lion statue of Rosenheim Kingdom became alive.

The stature woke up with a great roar!

On its first step, it slipped and sank its lower body.

For a first impression, he looked very stupid but it wasn’t a first time Weed’s living sculptures did something like that.

“What is my name?”

The lion monster stuck its head to Weed and asked.

The statue was just as tall as the pyramid.

With its face similar to the current king Theodern, its body was a complete lion.

“Your name is Sphynx.”

“Actually I don’t care what my name is. Even if a master who knows nothing about honor calls me, I have no plan to obey you.”

Sphynx had strong sense of identity and independence so it didn’t respect Weed as its master.

But Weed had no intention of arguing about that.

“We can talk about these when we are not busy. First, let’s just fight.’

“Exactly what I wanted.”

Sphynx roared and jumped into the water.

It bit dark holy knights in torrents and struck them with its front leg.

“Kill that lion monster!”

“Weed is behind all this. We need to offer him as an offering!”

Priests of Embinue were on the backs of monsters swimming.

But some disappeared in the torrents or whirlpools.

Because the flooded water from river wasn’t flowing in the direction they wanted, priests weren’t able to fight as they wanted.

Sphynx as heavy as an architecture swam the river water and hunted down Embinue armies.

“Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two.”

Weed armed with the arrow of high elf Yerica and shoot arrows towards floating monsters.

SeoYoon and Torido also killed monsters climbing up the pyramid.

The great flood was flushing Embinue church.

With seldom lightings, it shone Weed standing on the pyramid.

The scene of pulling his bow in a rainstorm!

With balanced mixture of light and darkness, his posture looked very handsome.

Weed changed his targets to priests.

Killing priests that give more experience than monsters that don’t die easily was much better.

But the good time has passed quickly.

The effect of Disaster Sculpting gradually faded away.

But there were more water near the pyramid so the torrents became even rougher.

“I guess the sculpture did its job.”

It didn’t hunt down as many priests as he wanted to but he assumed it was the end of its duration.

Once the water level decrease, Embinue armies will organize themselves.

Of course their manpower decreased a lot because of the battle at Serabourg Castle and the great flood but if Weed and his allies stays longer and the real battle starts, it will be dangerous.

SeoYoon also looked exhausted.

“Well, we earned enough time for refugees to escape.”

It will take fairly long time for Embinue armies to chase refugees again.

Because fairly many fanatics and monsters were washed out down the Arude river, the aftermatch was enormous.

If you use Disaster Sculpting in battles between kingdoms, you will be able to inflict lethal damages.

The only downside was that the disaster doesn’t discriminate.

“Sphynx, time to go.”

“I’m staying for more.”

“They will come after us when they get ready. We need to escape now when it’s less dangerous.”

Once the disaster ends, Velonie, his royal army and gigantic monsters will be able to fully operate.

Escaping was the ideal tactic for now.

“I’m not leaving here.”


“There are things I need to protect here. I will protect the grave of Theodern until the end.”


Sphynx chose the pyramid over freedom.

A side-effect of Sculpture Life Bestowal!

When it was a sculpture, it was assigned the role of protecting the pyramid; it was a lion representing the dignity of the king.

Even after it was given a life, it didn’t forget its role and tried to fight Embinue armies.

“You are gonna die if you stay. Don’t you think it’s waste of your life?”

“There is a meaning in protecting what needs to be protected.”

“But still, come with me. I’ll feed you premium meat and give you a two-day vacation every year.”

But of course, it wasn’t a guaranteed promise.

“I made up my mind. Go. I’ll take this place.”

Looking at Sphynx’s faithfulness, Weed’s eyes became wet.

‘Good thing there are still some raindrops falling down; it’s hiding my tears’

Weed wasn’t touched by words of Sphynx.

What a waste of art stat and level!

A sphinx which Weed invested his precious experience was saying that he’s going to die here fighting.

“I gave a life too hastily. I should have given a life to you when I had plenty of time and educated you physically.

The regret was too late.

If he stays here any longer to convince Sphynx, he may end up in a danger.


Weed exploded the roar of lion. Soon, Wy-three came from far away.

Wyvern knights checked him but he flexibly changed its directions and arrived at the pyramid.

When Weed and SeoYoon hopped on the back of Wy-three, the torrents of flood was weakened a lot.

Embinue armies were able to step on the ground again.

Magicians and priests of Embinue tried to attack Weed and SeoYoon but Sphynx blocked them with his body.


Weed and SeoYoon flew on Wy-three’s back and Torido flew by himself to escape the battlefield.

From far distance, Sphynx was fighting bravely but it seemed like it will be a difficult battle for him because Embinue army surrounded him.

‘He probably won’t make it.’

Perhaps it was very difficult to run away with Sphynx that can’t fly after all.

Because of Sphynx’s unintended sacrifice, Weed and his allies were able to escape the battlefield easily.

“Hey, Wy-three, don’t go straight to the direction where refugees are; take a long detour.”

“Yes, master.”

Just in case Embinue army comes after them, Weed ordered Wy-three to circle around once and head to refugees.

Residents and users were waving their hands at Weed and Wy-three.

‘Looks like Embinue army hasn’t chased much.’

Some wandering monsters assaulted the refugees but they were enough for users and soldiers to handle.

Many users logged out already after Weed left but majority of users kept walking to log out in a place outside of Serabourg Castle.

Weed followed refugees on Wy-three.

“I have some bandages. Give me your arms.”

Weed put bandages around SeoYoon because she was still suffering from the aftereffects of berserker even after the battle ended.

Finally, long after the sun rose, the head of refugees encountered army of Rosenheim Kingdom.

The army of Rosenheim Kingdom marched after looking at the signal fire lit from Serabourg Castle.

‘I can relax finally.’

Weed logged out, feeling a bit of tiredness.