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| discharge_round = -2
| discharge_imperial = 17850
| discharge_note = <ref name="LeesFerry">{{chú thích web|url=|title=USGS Gage #09380000 on the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, AZ|publisher=U.S. Geological Survey|work=National Water Information System|date=1895–2010|format=PDF|accessdate=Februaryngày 18, tháng 2 năm 2012}}</ref>{{#tag:ref|These are the average, maximum, and minimum flows recorded during the period of record (1895&ndash;2009) for this gauge. Downriver gauges record lower flows due to dams and diversions.|group=n}}
| discharge_max_imperial = 300000
| discharge_min_imperial = 700

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