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Mao Heads Peiping Regime; Program Supports Moscow
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
MacArthur Says 'Alien' Reds Have Reopened Korean War; Sees 'Gravest' Issue Raised
Office of the Rector
China Reds Mark Foes as Pariahs
“Rejoice in the Lord always! I say it again, rejoice!”
Red China to Start First 5-Year Plan
Holy Mass and Canonization of Blessed Fr. junípero Serra, September 23, 2015 Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Man in the News: Mao Zedong
Dear Friend in Christ,
Mao Text Shows Reds 'Liquidated' 800,000 Since '49
“Rejoice in the Lord always! I say it again, rejoice!”
Mao Theory Asks More Freedoms but With Limits
It is with these profound words of Saint Paul’s letter to the Philippians that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, began his homily at the Mass and Canonization of Saint Junípero Serra that he celebrated in September here at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
Student Dissent in Red China Is Reported to Be Widespread
It was truly a magnificent day for us at Mary’s Shrine, grace-filled in so many ways! The Holy Father was exuberantly welcomed by thousands of people gathered both inside and outside of the Basilica. The excitement and joy reverberating throughout the crowd of pilgrims who had gathered to “rejoyce the Lord" was both humbling and overwhelming.
Mao Curbs 'Bloom-Contend' Phase
It is because of you, and your support of the National Shrine, that we were able to accomplish this monumental celebration welcoming Pope Francis! Thank you!
China Organizing a Peasant Force
Throughout his pontificate, and especially during his Apostolic Visit to the United States, Pope Francis has frequently requested that the faithful pray for him. I therefore invite you to join me in praying for the Holy Father with this inspirational portrait commemorating his historic visit to the National Shrine and beautiful prayer to Mary Immaculate.
China's Communes Shock Some Reds
I would also like the opportunity to pray for you, and any special intentions you might have. Prayer is an important part of our ministry here at the Shrine, and I would be honored to include your personal prayer intentions with my own. Please complete the attached Papal Prayer Intentions & Offering Slip and return it to me in the envelope provided.
Red China Slows Commune Drive; Pushes Reforms
Please also consider including an offering with your prayer intentions. While no gift is ever required for prayer, maintaining this magnificent Basilica is an expensive undertaking! We rely directly on the grace of God, and the generosity of our benefactors and friends to sustain us. Whatever you might be able to contribute will be greatly appreciated.
Peiping Orders Army Officers to Help Reorganize Communes
Papal Visits are truly historic events, and ones which are not often repeated. The National Shrine has been privileged to host several popes including Saint John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and now, Pope Francis. In the course of the last several decades, millions of pilgrims have followed in the footsteps of these great popes in making their own faithful pilgrimages to this peaceful haven honoring our Mother Mary, the Patroness of the United States.
Red China Eases Life in Communes to Meet Unrest
Hopefully you will find the opportunity to visit us here at Mary’s Shrine sometime in the year ahead, however, even if you cannot travel here in person, please know that we are here to pray for you. I encourage you to please complete and return your Papal Prayer Intentions & Offering Slip soon so that the other priests and I may entrust your petitions to the care of the Blessed Mother.
Peiping Cuts '58 Output Figures, Conceding Gross Overstatement
As we strive to maintain this beautiful Shrine to Mary Immaculate, so that future generations of Catholics might follow in the footsteps of Pope Francis in making their own pilgrimages to the National Shrine, every gift we receive makes a difference. Especially yours! Please consider investing in the future of America’s Catholic Church by sending an offering today.
Red China's 'Leap' Slowed by a Limp
Thank you again for honoring Mary through supporting the National Shrine. It is in large part because of the generous offerings we receive from you and other faithful friends and benefactors that we were able to host this monumental celebration welcoming the Holy Father, during which he celebrated the first ever canonization on American soil. We truly could not have done it without you!
Khrushchev-Mao Clashes on Party Issues Revealed
I hope you will enjoy your special commemorative portrait of Pope Francis, and that you will join me in praying for his spiritual welfare, and that he might share in the joy of our faith. May God bless you, and Mary keep you!
Peiping Retreats in Economic Field
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Red China Hunger Reported Stirring Strong Opposition
Reverend Monsignor Walter R. Rossi Rector
The Long Shadow of Mao Zedong
P.S. Please accept this beautiful commemorative prayer and portrait of our Holy Father in heartfelt gratitude for your friendship and support. I hope you enjoy this special gift, and that you will join me in praying for Pope Francis! Please also consider sending an offering today to help maintain this sacred place of prayer, worship, and pilgrimage, so that future generations might follow in Pope Francis’ footsteps in making their own pilgrimages to the National Shrine. To make a secure online donation, please visit Thank you again, and May God bless you richly!
Chou Quits Talks of Red Leaders; Returns to China
Mao Effort to Steel Youth Seen Behind Peking Purge
Soviet-Chinese AnimosityFound Along the Frontier
Rampaging 'Red Guards'
Red Youth Drive in Peking Strains Tie With Moscow
U.N. Seats Peking and Expels Taipei
Taipei: Chiang Says Vote in Assembly Was Illegal
Calling Vote Big Step Forward, Thant Urges End to Bitterness
U.N. Awaits Peking Delegates; Taipei Clings To Affiliate Ties; Rogers Calls Ouster A Mistake
Nixon and Chou Agree to Renew Contacts; U.S. to Withdraw Gradually From Taiwan
Text of U.S.-Chinese Communique
Mao Zedong Dies In Peking At 82; Leader Of Red China Revolution, Choice Of Successor Is Uncertain
Text of Announcement Issued by Peking Reporting Death of Chairman Mao
Mao Zedong: Father Of Chinese Revolution
Hua Is Proclaimed Chairman of Party at Rally in Peking
Peking Party Chief Pledges to Improve Standard of Living
U.S. and China Mark Resumption of Ties in Peking Ceremony
Excerpts From Hong Kong Agreement by Britain and China; Joint Declaration
Hong Kong Accord Is Signed in Peking
Excerpts From Speeches in Peking
Chinese Leader Hopes to Include Taiwan in His Legacy
China Revives Its Test of Capitalism
China Affirms Li Peng as Prime Minister
China, in Shift, Says Dalai Lama Can Return to His Home in Tibet
New Report Says 18 Monks Died in Tibet Protest
Crackdown In Beijing; Troops Attack and Crush Beijing Protest
Biggest Beijing Crowds So Far Keep Troops From City Center
Essay: The Counter-Revolution
Abuses of Rights Persist in China Despite U.S. Pleas
China Moves Ahead on Huge but Disputed Dam
Tension in Taiwan: War Games Play Well for Taiwan's Leader
Tension in Taiwan: China Denounces U.S. 'Interference' in Dispute With Taiwan
As China Undercuts Democracy, Hong Kong Scuffles for Passports
Beijing Now Sees Stronger Trade, Not Intimidation, as Key to Quelling Taiwan Separatism
China Resumes Control of Hong Kong, Ending 156 Years of British Rule
Excerpts from Speeches by Prince Charles and President Jiang Zemin

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