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*1830-1835: "Illustrations of Indian zoology; chiefly selected from the collection of Major-General Hardwicke, F.R.S..." 20 parts in 2 volumes. Illus. ''Indian Zool.''
*1831: "Description of twelve new genera of fish, discovered by Gen. Hardwicke, in India, the greater part in the British Museum." ''Zool. Misc.''
*1831: "Descriptions of some new genera and species of bats." các trang  37–38 in Gray, J.E. (ed.) The Zoological Miscellany. To Be Continued Occasionally. Pt 1. London: Treuttel, Würtz & Co.
*1832: "Characters of a new genus of Mammalia, and of a new genus and two new species of lizards, from New Holland." ''Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond.'' 1832: 39-40.
*1834: "Characters of a new species of bat (Rhinolophus, Geoffr.) from New Holland." ''Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond.'' 1834: 52-53.
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* [ John Edward Gray, the Indian Pond Heron and Walsall] ([[RSPB]] Walsall Local Group)

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