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Thẻ: Thông báo gửi rộng rãi
Thẻ: Thông báo gửi rộng rãi
Best, [[:m:User:fantasticfears|Erick Guan]] ([[m:User talk:fantasticfears|talk]])
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== WAM Address Collection - 1st reminder ==
Hi there. This is a reminder to fill the address collection. Sorry for the inconvenience if you did submit the form before. If you still wish to receive the postcard from Wikipedia Asian Month, please submit your postal mailing address via '''[ this Google form]'''. This form is only accessed by WAM international team. All personal data will be destroyed immediately after postcards are sent. If you have problems in accessing the google form, you can use [[:m:Special:EmailUser/Saileshpat|Email This User]] to send your address to my Email.
If you do not wish to share your personal information and do not want to receive the postcard, please let us know at [[:m:Talk:Wikipedia_Asian_Month_2017|WAM talk page]] so I will not keep sending reminders to you. Best, [[:m:User:Saileshpat|Sailesh Patnaik]]
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