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''Al-Hilal thắng với tổng tỉ số 3-0.''
==Top scorers==
{{small|{{legend|silver|Team eliminated / inactive for this round.}}}}
{{small|{{legend|#DDDDDD|Player is not in the team at that time but team still active for this round.}}}}
{{small|Note: Players in '''bold''' still active in competition.}}
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center; font-size:90%"
!{{Tooltip|MD1|Group stage Matchday 1}}
!{{Tooltip|MD2|Group stage Matchday 2}}
!{{Tooltip|MD3|Group stage Matchday 3}}
!{{Tooltip|MD4|Group stage Matchday 4}}
!{{Tooltip|MD5|Group stage Matchday 5}}
!{{Tooltip|MD6|Group stage Matchday 6}}
!{{Tooltip|2R1|Round of 16 1st leg}}
!{{Tooltip|2R2|Round of 16 2nd leg}}
!{{Tooltip|QF1|Quarter-finals 1st leg}}
!{{Tooltip|QF2|Quarter-finals 2nd leg}}
!{{Tooltip|SF1|Semi-finals 1st leg}}
!{{Tooltip|SF2|Semi-finals 2nd leg}}
! {{Tooltip|F1|Final 1st leg}} 
! {{Tooltip|F2|Final 2nd leg}} 
{{small|Note: Goals scored in the qualifying play-offs are not counted when determining top scorer (Regulations Article 64.4).<ref name="regulations"/>}}
{{small|Source: AFC}}
==Player of the week awards==

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