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This is a template for easier presentation of an icon image (image files with names beginning with BSicon_) and its ID for the dự án:Route diagram template in instruction and discussion pages.

Các tham số[sửa mã nguồn]

  1. Icon ID. See dự án:RDT#Pictograms for naming convention of the icons and dự án:RDT/C for the list of icons.
  2. Show (default) the icon ID (inside the parentheses) or not show (no or 0) the text at all.
  3. Icon size in the format xnpx; x20px (20 pixels high) by default.
  • alt: alternative name of the text shown in the parentheses. Useful for displaying temporary file with the intended file name to be substituted.

Các ví dụ[sửa mã nguồn]

Mã này: tạo ra kết quả này:
{{bs-q|BHF}}   (BHF)
{{bs-q|KRX|0}} or
{{bs-q|SBHF danmark||x40px}}   (SBHF danmark)
{{bs-q|leer|alt=Icon with alternate text}}   (Icon with alternate text)