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Cách sử dụng[sửa mã nguồn]

This template displays two lines of text in a text field of a route diagram created with {{BS-map}}.

  • The text will inherit the alignment of the parent cell, but can be overridden by applying the parameter "align=left" or "align=right".
  • The third parameter (alternatively "L=") defines a shared wikilink for both lines of text (no [[ or ]] are needed).
  • The fourth parameter (alternatively "4=") will change both lines to italic text. Any character or text can be used.
  • The fifth parameter (alternatively "5=") will change both lines to bold text. Any character or text can be used.
  • The separating line can be forced to appear by providing an argument for the parameter "line=anything".
  • Background colors can be specified by providing a valid X11 color name (e.g. HotPink) or RGB hex triplet (e.g. #12A3BC) for the parameters "bg1=" (top line) and "bg2=" (bottom line).

If a use of this template can be replaced with {{BSsrws}} (a station link on two lines) then pages containing it will be in Thể loại:Trang sử dụng BSsplit thay vì BSsrws.

Các ví dụ[sửa mã nguồn]

Cho vào:
{{BSsplit|opened 1900|closed 1969}}
Kết quả:
opened 1900
closed 1969
Cho vào:
{{BSsplit|open|9 am–3 pm|align=left}}
Kết quả:
9 am–3 pm
Cho vào:
Kết quả:
Cho vào:
Kết quả:
Cho vào:
{{BSsplit|Zone A|free-fare|4=it|line=yes|5=b}}
Kết quả:
Zone A
Cho vào:
Kết quả:

Note: Text in the  Time/Dist. column is normally right-aligned.

Xem thêm[sửa mã nguồn]

  • {{BSsrws}} for a railway station name on two lines
  • {{BSto}} for two lines of unequal-height text
  • {{BScvt}} for two distances

See dự án:ROUTE#Fractional text display template for usage instruction.