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  • This page is transcluded to create documentation for the ISO 3166 range of templates.
  • It also provides categorization for the templates.

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Các bản mẫu

ISO 3166-1

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2: {{Mã ISO 3166}} (Ví dụ: IR)
ISO 3166-1 alpha-3: {{ISO 3166 code-3}} (Ví dụ: IRN)
ISO 3166-1 numeric: {{ISO 3166 numeric}} (Ví dụ: 364)

ISO 3166-2

ISO 3166-2: {{Mã ISO 3166}} (Ví dụ: IR-30)
Tên ISO 3166-2: {{Tên ISO 3166}} (Ví dụ: Iran (Islamic Republic of))

Non-ISO 3166

Tên quốc gia: {{Tên quốc gia}} (Ví dụ: Iran)

Cách sử dụng

This bản mẫu relates to a series of templates resolves the country and subdivision names to ISO 3166-1 and ISO 3166-2 codes, and vice versa.

ISO 3166

ISO 3166 defines names, two and three letter codes and code numbers for all countries and six character codes (the two letter country code followed by a dash and a two or three character subdivision code) for all top level subdivisions.

Sử dụng họ của bản mẫu

When we wish to convert between various identifiers that may loosely be defined as user input and ISO 3166 entities, there may be more than one way to do each conversion. For our examples we use Pakistan as the country and Balochistan (Pakistan) as the subdivision.

Định danh ISO-3166 cho Pakistan là:

  • Tên: Pakistan
  • Mã Alpha-2: PK
  • Mã Alpha-3: PAK
  • Mã Numeric: 586

Định danh ISO-3166 cho Balochistan (Pakistan) là:

  • Mã phân khu:PK-BK

Now Pakistan also has a number of synonyms: for example Pakistán and پاکستان.

Similarly Baluchistan is known, for example, as Balochistan (on Wikipedia) and Bagh Sanjari.

To get the Alpha-2 code we can use {{Mã ISO 3166}} with any of the country identifiers.
To get the Alpha-3 code.
Finding the name of a country.
Finding the common name of a country.
Finding the numeric code of a country.
The subdivision code can be obtained in the following ways.