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This template produces a junction listing for the junction list of a highway article, and can be used as an argument to |road= in a template for an intersection such as {{jctint}}.

Usage[sửa mã nguồn]

The full syntax is as follows.


Many parameters shown above are unnecessary in most cases, and can be omitted.

Parameters[sửa mã nguồn]

Parameters |in bold= are most important.

Location[sửa mã nguồn]

  • |country= accepts the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code of the country that the junction is in. Use this list to find the correct code for the country. These countries have had the necessary subtemplates set up; see that page for instructions on how to set up new countries.
  • |state= or |province= may be used in place of |country= if the junction is located within one state, province, or territory in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or Australia. The possible values are as follows:

Intersecting routes[sửa mã nguồn]

  • |1=, |3=, |5=, ..., |<2i-1>=, ... accept the type of the ith route at the junction. Arguments may replace the numeric parameters, e.g., |I may be used instead of |1=I. The route types are defined as follows:
For routes in the United States, see this page.
For routes in Canada, the following designations are supported:
  • AB (Alberta) - Hwy (primary and secondary provincial highways)
  • ON (Ontario) - Highway (provincial highway, all types), RR (Regional Road, must supply a county argument for region)
  • QC (Quebec) - Route (standard route), A (Autoroute)
  • MB (Manitoba) - Hwy (primary provincial highway), PR (secondary provincial highway), Winnipeg (Winnipeg city route)
  • NB (New Brunswick) - Route (NOTE: Not all routes have shield graphics at present.)
  • NS (Nova Scotia) - Trunk (trunk route), Hwy (highway), Route (other route)
  • PE (Prince Edward Island) - PE (all numbered routes except TCH)
  • All provinces - TCH (Trans-Canada Highway)
For routes in Australia, see this page.
For United Kingdom routes:
  • M = Motorway
  • A = A roads
For A roads that have a motorway segment, example: A1(M), use M as the route type and the A1 as the number
  • |2=, |4=, |6=, ..., |<2i>=, ... accept the route number for the ith route at the junction. Arguments may replace the numeric parameters.
  • |dir1=, |dir2=, |dir3=, ..., |dir<i>=, ... accept a string for the direction of the ith route at the junction, when not all directions are accessible, e.g., Interstate 10 east.
  • |name1=, |name2=, |name3=, ..., |name<i>=, ... accept wikicode for the common name of the ith route at the junction.
  • |to<i>= accepts any value. The presence of |to<i>= indicates that the ith route at the junction is accessible indirectly via an earlier route in the list.
|toroad= has the same behavior for |road=.
  • |county<i>= accepts the name of a county the ith route at the junction is in, for disambiguating county routes.
  • |dab<i>= accepts a string indicating the location for the ith route at the junction, for further disambiguating routes that may appear in multiple locations, such as Interstate business routes. For example, |dab1=Pennsylvania–New York gives [[Interstate 86 (Pennsylvania–New York)|I-86]].
  • |road= accepts wikicode for road names. Multiple road names may be separated by a slash /.

Destinations[sửa mã nguồn]

  • |city1=, |city2=, |city3=, ..., |city<i>=, ... accept the name of an in-state city listed on the guide sign at the junction, i.e., control cities. The city is assumed to be in the same state as the junction, and will be automatically wikilinked.
|areadab<i>= accepts the area to be used for further disambiguating the ith city, such as a name that could refer to a town or a village within the same county.
|countydab<i>= accepts the name of the county to be used for disambiguating the ith city, e.g., for a town whose name coincides with another in a different county within the same state.
|location<i>= accepts wikicode that overrides |city<i>=, and should be used if the destination city is located outside of the state the junction is in.
  • |extra= accepts one of the following values to display a MUTCD intermodal icon along with route shields:
    • airport for an airport
    • bus for a bus terminal
    • ferry for a ferry terminal
    • rail for a passenger rail station
    • light-rail for a light-rail station
Specifications for additional types and custom shields may be added to Module:Road data/extra.

Appearance[sửa mã nguồn]

  • |noshield<i>= accepts any value. The presence of |noshield<i>= indicates that the shield for the ith route at the junction should not be displayed.
|noshield= accepts any value. The presence of |noshield= indicates that no shield should be displayed.
  • |nolink<i>= accepts any value. The presence of |nolink<i>= indicates that the ith route at the junction should not be wikilinked. This is useful for a minor route that will never have an article.
|nolink= accepts any value. The presence of |nolink= indicates that all routes at the junction should not be wikilinked.

Examples[sửa mã nguồn]

  • {{Jct|state=TX|I|35|city1=Dallas|city2=San Antonio}}
Invalid type: I – Dallas, San Antonio
  • {{Jct|state=FL|FL|A1A|city1=Miami|city2=Jacksonville}}
SR A1A – Miami, Jacksonville
  • {{Jct|state=NY|NY|31|name1=Monroe Avenue|city1=Pittsford|areadab1=village}}
Invalid type: NY (Monroe Avenue) – Pittsford
  • {{Jct|state=IL|US-Bus|20|name1=State Street|dab1=Rockford}}
Invalid type: US-Bus (State Street)
  • {{Jct|state=MI|M|37|name1=Broadmoor Avenue|city1=Grand Rapids|city2=Hastings|location3=[[Gerald R. Ford International Airport]]|extra=airport}}
Invalid type: M (Broadmoor Avenue) – Grand Rapids, Hastings, Gerald R. Ford International Airport
  • {{Jct|province=BC|BC|99|city1=Vancouver}}
Invalid type: BC – Vancouver
  • {{Jct|country=CHN|Ex|40|city1=Nantong|location2=[[Qidong City|Qidong]]|city3=Chongming Island}}
Invalid type: Ex – Nantong, Qidong, Chongming Island
  • {{Jct|country=DEU|A|6|A|81|city1=Würzberg|city2=Nuremberg}}
Invalid type: A / Invalid type: A – Würzberg, Nuremberg
  • {{Jct|country=GBR|M|1|location1=[[Bắc Anh|The North]]}}
Invalid type: M – The North
  • {{Jct|country=HRV|D|303|city1=Rovinj}}
Invalid type: D – Rovinj

The list of countries that are set up limits the set of examples.

For a list of all current defined sub-templates, see: Bản mẫu:Sl

See also[sửa mã nguồn]

  • {{Roadlink}}, a similar template that produces road links without route marker images
  • {{Jctname}}, a similar template that transposes the road name and route number