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Note: no parameters of these templates should be wiki-linked.
{{NBA roster header
| team = name of team. this should probably match the name of the template you are editing.
| season = season. this parameter is used for seasonal articles, adding the season in the title and disable the 'v - d - e' links.
| first =
| last =
player's first and last name are all you'd need to enter in most cases
| dab = e.g. "basketball" if the title of the player's bio ends with "...(basketball)".
| name = Chinese names, for example, should use this parameter only.
e.g. "name = Yao Ming"
| link =
| alt=
use in complex cases instead of the above,
e.g. "link = Mike Conley Jr." and "alt=Conley, Mike Jr."
links like this Conley, Mike Jr. as it should
| num = number on player's uniform, e.g. "23"
| pos = See basketball positions.
Acceptable values are (PG|G|SG|GF|SF|F|PF|FC|C).
Column will sort in this order.
| ft =
| in =
| lbs =
height and weight.
feet and inches are separated so that 6'10-11" players will sort properly in relation to 6'2" players.
| school =
| college =
e.g. "Alabama" for "University of Alabama". Uses {{college}} to format the wikilink – see the list there if you are having trouble.
| from = previous whereabouts of players who didn't attend school in the U.S. (typically a country).
| DOB = Birthdate in YYYY-MM-DD format.
| note = FA, DP, etc. appears in parentheses after player's name
| inj = If inj=yes, injury symbol appears by player's name.
{{NBA roster footer
| head_coach =
| asst_coach =
coaching staff
| roster_url= URL where official roster can be found.
| accessdate= last date the team template is known to have been updated from above URLs
ISO (YYYY-MM-DD) format please, just like "cite" templates.
| otherlegend= An extra item to be added to the legend.
| otherlegend2= A second extra item to be added to the legend.

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