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This template can be used with the other Starbox templates. It is intended to list the sources used to obtain the data in the box and is called as follows:

 {{Starbox sources|
   source 1|source 2|...}}

If some source is CCDM, HIP, HR, or WDS, it will be expanded to indicate the Catalog of Components of Double and Multiple Stars, Hipparcos Catalogue, Bright Star Catalogue, or Washington Double Star Catalog, respectively. Otherwise, it will be included verbatim. Sources are separated by commas. Up to four sources can be used.

The following templates are used together and are usually placed in the order listed below.

{{Starbox begin}}
{{Starbox image}}
{{Starbox observe}}
{{Starbox observe 2s}}
{{Starbox observe 3s}}
{{Starbox character}}
{{Starbox astrometry}}
{{Starbox orbit}}
{{Starbox detail}}
{{Starbox relpos}}
{{Starbox catalog}}
{{Starbox reference}}
{{Starbox sources}}
{{Starbox end}}

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