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The TaxonIds template summarizes taxonomical identifiers for use in the "External links" section of pages describing taxa. We currently support the following fields:

Identifier Database
wikispecies The page name on WikiSpecies.
name The taxon name. This will default to the page name if not provided, or the Wikispecies link if that is provided, and is automatically italicised. Higher taxa (families and above) should have this field set to prevent the taxon name appearing in italics. It should also be set where the Wikispecies link contains a disambiguation term (e.g. use name=''Iris orientalis'' if the Wikispecies page is "Iris orientalis (Tarachodidae)").
ncbi Phân loại của NCBI.
namebank The uBio NameBank identifier.
eol Encyclopedia of Life.
itis Hệ thống Thông tin Phân loại Tích hợp.
worms Cơ sở dữ liệu sinh vật biển.
others Links to any other databases. For example, you could set this to: [http://arctos.database.museum/name/Mus%20musculus Arctos].

For examples, see the examples page. For now, you can check What links here (or the external transclusion count tool) to see which pages use this template.

Which databases should we include?[sửa mã nguồn]

  • The database identifier must state the identifier on this page, indicating that the identifier itself is uniquely used to identify this entry.
  • A database should encompass a certain number of species to be included here.

Design notes[sửa mã nguồn]

  • This template must support taxa at all levels: species names, family names, kingdoms, et al.
  • At some point, we should encode the ids into a short string where it can be read automatically.