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{{{1}}}+Thành viên này đã có hơn {{{1}}} sửa đổi trên Wikipedia.
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This is a multi-purpose edit counter userbox. By default, it links to X!'s Tools at WMFLabs.org to show stats. You can use a parameter to specify a different edit-counting tool.

Usage[sửa mã nguồn]

{{User contrib|N}} (where N = number of edits)


{{User contrib|N|User_name}} (User_name is only needed if placed on a different page than your main userpage.)
{{User contrib|N|format=no}}: by default, the figure N is displayed with commas separating thousands. Use |format=no to suppress these commas.
{{User contrib|N|lang=X}}: prepends "Wikipedia" with the name of one or more languages. So replacing X with "English" yields "contributions to the English Wikipedia".
{{User contrib|N|project=X|projsite=Y.Z}}: replaces "Wikipedia" with the name of one or more projects, and changes the link in the template to link to the stats tool for a different project than English Wikipedia. The value for projsite is the domain name of the project, minus .org. For example |project=Wikimedia Commons|projsite=commons.wikimedia yields "contributions to Wikimedia Commons" and a link to commons stats. May be used in combination with |lang=, for example |lang=French|project=Wiktionary|projsite=fr.wiktionary yields "contributions to the French Wiktionary" and a link to stats for that project.
{{User contrib|N|deleted=X}}: adds the string "over X of which were to pages that are now deleted". Used to show how many deleted contributions you've made, which doesn't show up in most edit counters.
{{User contrib|N|articles=X}}: adds the string "over X of which were to articles". Used to show how many of your edits you've made in the article namespace.
{{User contrib|N|automated=X}}: adds the string "over X of which were automated". Used to show how many of your edits you've made were automated or semi-automated.
{{User contrib|N|distinct=X}}: adds the string "on over X distinct pages". Used to show how many contributions have been made to different pages in total. This value can be seen in the X! Tools (default) counter under "Unique pages edited". The parameter |unique= is a synonym for |distinct=.
{{User contrib|N|images=X}}: adds the string "as well as uploaded X images". Used to show how many images you've uploaded.
{{User contrib|N|cur_images=X}}: adds the string "over X of which are still current". Used to show how many of those images that are still current.
{{User contrib|N|insane=yes}}: adds the string "and, as a result, may be slightly insane", which was previously featured on the 100,000 edits box.
{{User contrib|N|total=yes}}: adds a link to a query page that gives your total number of edits, including deleted edits. Link displays as (total).
{{User contrib|N|bot=yes}}: by default, the text begins "This user has". Use |bot=yes to change this to "This bot has".
{{User contrib|N|log=yes}}: changes text to indicate that the number represents logged actions, such as page moves or deletions, rather than other edits, and changes the link to point to the user's log of actions instead of the edit stats counter.
{{User contrib|N|linked=no}}: suppresses the normal extlink to the edit counter (useful for people/bots who have way too many edits for detailed edit counters to handle gracefully).

Colors are retained from the old edit count templates. To customize, use parameters id-bg, info-bg, border, id-font, and info-font to set the background, font, and border colors. If you want a more customized version, feel free to make a copy in your userspace.

For example, {{user contrib|100|User_name|id-bg=#bbbbee|info-bg=#ddddff|id-font=#000033|info-font=#333366|border=#aaaaaa}} gives you:

100+Thành viên này đã có hơn 100 sửa đổi trên Wikipedia.

Link destination may also be changed by changing the link parameter:

{{User contrib|100|link=//tools.wmflabs.org/supercount/index.php?user=Username&project=en.wikipedia}} for Supercount:
100+Thành viên này đã có hơn 100 sửa đổi trên Wikipedia.
{{User contrib|100|link=//tools.wmflabs.org/guc/?user=Username for Luxo's tool (GUC):
100+Thành viên này đã có hơn 100 sửa đổi trên Wikipedia.
{{User contrib|100|link=//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Username}} makes:
100+Thành viên này đã có hơn 100 sửa đổi trên Wikipedia.

Color reference[sửa mã nguồn]

For reference, these are the colors used for separate edit count templates:

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