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Bản mẫu:Wikivar

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This template facilitates the displaying of Wikipedia variables and built-in "magic word" (i.e. pseudo-template) names and, optionally, their :parameters. The variable/magic-word names are automatically uppercased:

{{wikivar|PAGENAME}} and {{wikivar|pagename}} both produce: {{PAGENAME}}

The second parameter supplied will be treated as the variable or magic word's parameter/s. For example:

{{wikivar|DEFAULTSORT|Kusanagi, Motoko}} produces: {{DEFAULTSORT:Kusanagi, Motoko}}

To convert the variable or magic word's name into a link to the "Variables" section in Help:Magic words, set the first parameter as "linked". For example:

{{wikivar|linked|PAGENAME}} produces: {{PAGENAME}}

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