Epidendrum subsect. Carinata

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Epidendrum denticulatum calli.jpg
E. denticulatum lip, showing keel, or carina
Phân loại khoa học
Giới (regnum) Plantae
(không phân hạng) Angiospermae
(không phân hạng) Monocots
Bộ (ordo) Asparagales
Họ (familia) Orchidaceae
Phân họ (subfamilia) Epidendroideae
Tông (tribus) Epidendreae
Phân tông (subtribus) Laeliinae
Chi (genus) Epidendrum
Phân chi (subgenus) E. subg. Amphiglottium
Đoạn (section) E. sect. Schistochila
Phân đoạn (subsection) E. subsect. Carinata

Epidendrum subsect. Carinata Rchb.f. (1861) là một subsection of the section E. sect. Schistochila Rchb.f. (1861) of the subgenus E. subg. Amphiglottium Lindl. (1841) of the genus Epidendrum of the Orchidaceae (orchid family). This subsection differs from the subsection E. subsect. Integra in that the margins of the trilobate lip are dentate or lacerate. This subsection differes from the subsection E. subsect. Tuberculata by possessing a keel or carina on the midlobe of the lip. In 1861, Reichenbach listed nine species in this subsection.[1]

E. puniceoluteum was placed in E. subsect. Carinata in its publication as a new species in 2007.[4]
E. denticulatum was also acknowledged to be in E. subsect. Carinata in Pinheiro and Barros 2007.

Cytology[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

The observed diploid chromosome numbers within Epidendrum subsect. Carinata are rather variable:[5]

  • 24 for E. flexuoxum and an individual of E. fulgens described as E. mosenii
  • 28 for E. fulgens
  • 30 for E. calanthum
  • 40 for E. denticulatum and E. radicans
  • 52 for E. puniceoluteum
  • 60 for E. radicans
  • 70 for E. ibaguense and E. radicans
  • ~240 for E. cinnabarinum

Chú thích[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

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