Giải Grammy cho Phim âm nhạc xuất sắc nhất

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Giải Grammy cho
Video nhạc phim Xuất sắc nhất
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Chiếc cúp hình máy hát mạ vàng trao cho người chiến thắng giải thưởng Grammy
Trao choChất lượng Video âm nhạc hình thức dài
Quốc gia Hoa Kỳ
Được trao bởiViện thu âm nghệ thuật và khoa học quốc gia
Trang chủ

Giải Grammy cho Video nhạc phim Xuất sắc nhất (trước năm 2013 được biết tới là Video ca nhạc hình thức dài xuất sắc nhất)

Nội dung thắng giải[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Four men performing on a stage in front of a red mist. In the foreground a white man sings into a microphone. Another male can be seen playing the guitar
Members of the English new wave group Duran Duran, among recipients of the 1984 accolade for Duran Duran, performing in 2005.
A Caucasian male wearing all black and a floral scarf around his neck.
English musician Sting has earned two accolades from this category for Bring on the Night and Ten Summoner's Tales.
A woman wearing a white shirt with jeans that have a rip in them and a black belt. She has her head tilted to her right.
In 1990, Janet Jackson won the Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video for the video entitled Rhythm Nation.
A image of a black man with an earring in his left ear. He is smiling and wearing a brown shirt.
A Caucasian female with light colored hair leaning her head back while singing into a microphone. She is wearing a sleeveless green shirt with dark grey pants and has a guitar strapped around her.
Alanis Morissette won the award in 1998 for Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill, Live
A Caucasian man in his 70s smiling. He is wearing black framed glasses and a tie with a black suit over a white shirt. Behind him is a white background
2006 award winner for directing the video No Direction Home, Martin Scorsese
A Caucasian male with brown hair smiling while raising his right eyebrow. He is wearing an unzipped black leather jacket over a dark colored shirt. In the background, a yellow and red bricked wall can be seen
Bruce Springsteen won the accolade in 2007 for Wings for Wheels: The Making of Born to Run
A white male in his 60s sitting in a chair while speaking into a microphone. He is wearing eyeglasses and a grey jacket over a blue buttoned down shirt. His left hand is rested on his lap.
In 2009, Peter Bogdanovich earned the Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video for directing Runnin' Down a Dream
A black and white image of four white men performing onstage.
2011 award winners for When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors, The Doors performing in 1968

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