Giải Grammy cho Trình diễn giọng R&B nam xuất sắc nhất

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Giải Grammy dành cho Trình diễn giọng R&b nam xuất sắc nhất được bắt đầu vào năm 1968.

2000s[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Năm Nghệ sĩ thắng giải Nghệ sĩ đề cử
2009 Ne-Yo for "Miss Independent" Eric Benet for "You're the Only One"
Chris Brown for "Take You Down"
Trey Songz for "Can't Help but Wait"
Usher for "Here I Stand"
2008 Prince for "Future Baby Mama" Raheem DeVaughn for "Woman"
Musiq Soulchild for "B.U.D.D.Y."
Ne-Yo for "Because of You"
Tank for "Please Don't Go"
2007 John Legend for "Heaven" Ne-Yo for "So Sick"
Prince for "Black Sweat"
Lionel Richie for "I Call It Love"
Luther Vandross for "Got You Home"
2006 John Legend for "Ordinary People" Jamie Foxx for "Creepin'"
Mario for "Let Me Love You"
Usher for "Superstar"
Stevie Wonder for "So What the Fuss"
2005 Prince for "Call My Name" Anthony Hamilton for "Charlene"
R.Kelly for "Happy People"
Brian McKnight for "What We Do Here"
Usher for "Burn"
2004 Luther Vandross for "Dance with My Father" R.Kelly for "Step in the Name of Love"
Brian McKnight for "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda"
Ruben Studdard for "Superstar"
Tyrese for "How You Gonna Act Like That"
2003 Usher for "U Don't Have to Call" Joe for "Let's Stay Home Tonight"
R.Kelly for "The World's Greatest"
Musiq Soulchild for "Halfcrazy"
Remy Shand for "Take a Message"
2002 Usher for "U Remind Me" Case for "Missing You"
Maxwell for "Lifetime"
Brian McKnight for "Love of My Life"
Musiq Soulchild for "Love"
2001 D'Angelo for "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" Joe for "I Wanna Know"
R.Kelly for "I Wish"
Brian McKnight for "Stay Or Let It Go"
Sisqo for "Thong Song"
2000 Barry White for "Staying Power" Peabo Bryson for "Did You Ever Know"
R.Kelly for "When A Woman's Fed Up"
Maxwell for "Fortunate"
Tyrese for "Sweet Lady"

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