Oriens goloides

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Oriens goloides
Indian Darlet (Oriens goloides) I IMG 0785.jpg
From Narenderpur near Kolkata, India.
Oriens goloides by Kadavoor.jpg
Phân loại khoa học
Giới (regnum) Animalia
Ngành (phylum) Arthropoda
Lớp (class) Insecta
Bộ (ordo) Lepidoptera
Họ (familia) Hesperiidae
Chi (genus) Oriens
Loài (species) O. goloides
Danh pháp hai phần
Oriens goloides
(Moore, 1881)

Oriens goloides, thường được biết đến với tên the Common Dartlet, là một loài bướm thuộc họ Bướm nhảy.

Miêu tả[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

At Narenderpur near Kolkata, India
At Narenderpur near Kolkata, India
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Upperside dark purple-brown. Male: forewing with a golden yellow oblique discal sinuous band followed by small costal spots before the apex; base of the costa and cell, and two spots at its end also of the same colour; hindwing with a medial discal sinuous golden-yellow band, the hairy scales extending to the base also yellow. Cilia golden yellow. Underside with less distinct markings as above: costa and apex of forewing and the hindwing suffused with yellow. Body and legs golden-yellow; palpi and front of thorax beneath saffron-yellow. Female: differs only in the discal band being narrow; and not having the yellow costal streak.

— E. Y. Watson[1]

"Nearest allied species is Oriens gola. Differs from it on both sides in the narrower discal band of the forewing, the band being also disconnected from the costal spots; the band of the hindwing is also narrower." (Frederic Moore)

The larvae are known to feed on Axonopus compressus and Oplismenus compositus.[2]

Hình ảnh[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Chú thích[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

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