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Cân_bằng_PTHH.png(800×600 điểm ảnh, kích thước tập tin: 21 kB, kiểu MIME: image/png)

Miêu tả[sửa]

Miêu tả
Tiếng Việt: Một số ví dụ về cân bằng phương trình hóa học.
TeX logo
This image shows some kind of formula that could be converted to TeX. The MediaWiki TeX interpreter generates either PNG images or simple HTML markup, depending on user preferences and the complexity of the expression. In future, as more browsers are smarter, it will be able to generate enhanced HTML or even MathML in many cases. Storing formulas as images makes it harder to change them. TeX also helps making sure that they all use the same font and size. If you know how to set this formula in TeX, use this template with a parameter
  • {{Use TeX|1=Here goes the formula }}
  • Tips when using this template:
    • Do put spaces in between adjacent {{s and adjacent }}s
    • Do include the 1=
    • Do not include the tags; by default: <math>...</math> tags will be added later
    • If this is a chemical equation. add |2=chem to use <chem>...</chem> tags instead
      • |2=math chem is an option if needed for color or alignment, but do include your \ces
    • Any other values in the second parameter will be ignored

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