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Sản phẩm Frozen food
Canned food
Sở hữu Nortura
Quốc gia Na Uy
Sau sở hữu Gilde
Chợ Na Uy
Trước sở hữu - Gilde Norsk Kjøtt
2006 - Nortura
Website http://www.terina.no/

Terina is a brand name used by the Norwegian meat processing company Nortura on its frozencanned food. The production uses raw products from Gilde but is processed through the subsidiary Terina AS. There are processing plants in Namsos, Tynset, SogndalLillehammer. Annual production was 17,000 tonnes with a revenue of NOK 1,4 billion and 300 employees in 2005.

Until 2006 the brand was managed by the agricultural cooperative Gilde Norsk Kjøtt who then merged with Prior Norge to form Nortura. The brand was first used in Northern Norway by the local meat cooperatives, and became a national brand in 1964.

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