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id-N Pengguna ini merupakan penutur asli bahasa Indonesia.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
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Please see me at English Wikipedia. If not, it's simple: Indonesian, Generation Z, socialist, and bisexual. They/them (He/him actually, but I prefer they/them (don't call me he/him))

Saya berbicara Inggris asal Amerika (American English). Jadi, kalau kamu pikir saya itu orang Amerika saya kasih tahu kalau saya adalah orang lahir dan sampai sekarang tinggal di Indonesia.

Tambien puedo hablar algo de español y saber lo que dice la gente en español. ¡Gracias y bienvenidos!

My personal goals is to focus on administrative efforts (i tended to be in here because creating articles are not my strength, i admit) and grow my personal awareness about the policies on the rest of Wikimedia projects. Once i'm getting this done, i hope i can become a steward someday. Not for now, but later this decade. It's very hard, but i have to build trust in order to reach this goal.