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Bản mẫu đa mức[sửa mã nguồn]

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Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 4im
Blatant vandalism {{thế:cb-vandalism1}} {{thế:cb-vandalism2}} {{thế:cb-vandalism3}} {{thế:cb-vandalism4}} {{thế:cb-vandalism4im}}
Subtle vandalism {{thế:cb-subtle1}} {{thế:cb-subtle2}} {{thế:cb-vandalism3}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
General disruptive editing not categorized elsewhere
Disruptive editing {{thế:cb-disruptive1}} {{thế:cb-disruptive2}} {{thế:cb-disruptive3}} {{thế:cb-generic4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Behavior in articles
Page blanking {{thế:cb-blank1}} {{thế:cb-blank2}} {{thế:cb-delete3}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Removal of content without adequate explanation {{thế:cb-delete1}} {{thế:cb-delete2}} {{thế:cb-delete3}} {{thế:cb-delete4}} {{thế:cb-delete4im}}
Frequent or mass changes to genres without consensus or reference {{thế:cb-genre1}} {{thế:cb-genre2}} {{thế:cb-genre3}} {{thế:cb-genre4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Image-related vandalism {{thế:cb-image1}} {{thế:cb-image2}} {{thế:cb-image3}} {{thế:cb-image4}} {{thế:cb-image4im}}
Improper humor in articles {{thế:cb-joke1}} {{thế:cb-joke2}} {{thế:cb-joke3}} {{thế:cb-joke4}} {{thế:cb-joke4im}}
Censorship of material {{thế:cb-notcensored1}} {{thế:cb-notcensored2}} {{thế:cb-notcensored3}} {{thế:cb-generic4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Ownership of articles {{thế:cb-own1}} {{thế:cb-own2}} {{thế:cb-own3}} {{thế:cb-generic4}} {{thế:cb-own4im}}
Inappropriate expansion of plot summaries {{thế:cb-plotsum1}} {{thế:cb-plotsum2}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Disrupting the taxonomy templates {{thế:cb-taxonomy1}} {{thế:cb-taxonomy2}} {{thế:cb-taxonomy3}} {{thế:cb-generic4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Removal of maintenance templates {{thế:cb-tdel1}} {{thế:cb-tdel2}} {{thế:cb-tdel3}} {{thế:cb-tdel4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Editing tests {{thế:cb-test1}} {{thế:cb-test2}} {{thế:cb-test3}} {{thế:cb-vandalism4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Using thumbnails in Infoboxes (WP:INFOBOXIMAGE) {{thế:cb-thumb1}} {{thế:cb-thumb2}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Uploading unencyclopedic images (image vandalism) {{thế:cb-upload1}} {{thế:cb-upload2}} {{thế:cb-upload3}} {{thế:cb-upload4}} {{thế:cb-upload4im}}
Behavior towards editors
Not assuming good faith {{thế:cb-agf1}} {{thế:cb-agf2}} {{thế:cb-agf3}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Harassment of other users {{thế:cb-harass1}} {{thế:cb-harass2}} {{thế:cb-harass3}} {{thế:cb-harass4}} {{thế:cb-harass4im}}
Personal attack directed at editors {{thế:cb-npa1}} {{thế:cb-npa2}} {{thế:cb-npa3}} {{thế:cb-npa4}} {{thế:cb-npa4im}}
Improper use of warning or blocking template {{thế:cb-tempabuse1}} {{thế:cb-tempabuse2}} {{thế:cb-disruptive3}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Adding promotions of objects or ideologies (also spam)
Using Wikipedia for advertising or promotion {{thế:cb-advert1}} {{thế:cb-advert2}} {{thế:cb-advert3}} {{thế:cb-advert4}} {{thế:cb-advert4im}}
Inserting fringe or undue weight content into articles {{thế:cb-fringe1}} {{thế:cb-fringe2}} {{thế:cb-fringe3}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Not adhering to neutral point of view {{thế:cb-npov1}} {{thế:cb-npov2}} {{thế:cb-npov3}} {{thế:cb-npov4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Paid editing without disclosure under the Wikimedia Terms of Use {{thế:cb-paid1}} {{thế:cb-paid2}} {{thế:cb-paid3}} {{thế:cb-paid4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Adding spam links {{thế:cb-spam1}} {{thế:cb-spam2}} {{thế:cb-spam3}} {{thế:cb-spam4}} {{thế:cb-spam4im}}
Inserting factual inaccuracies and/or libel
Not updating the access date parameter in citing templates {{thế:cb-accessdate1}} {{thế:cb-accessdate2}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Adding unreferenced controversial information about living persons {{thế:cb-biog1}} {{thế:cb-biog2}} {{thế:cb-biog3}} {{thế:cb-biog4}} {{thế:cb-biog4im}}
Defamation regarding article subjects {{thế:cb-defamatory1}} {{thế:cb-defamatory2}} {{thế:cb-defamatory3}} {{thế:cb-defamatory4}} {{thế:cb-defamatory4im}}
Introducing deliberate factual errors {{thế:cb-error1}} {{thế:cb-error2}} {{thế:cb-error3}} {{thế:cb-error4}} {{thế:cb-error4im}}
Adding original research, including unpublished syntheses of sourced material {{thế:cb-nor1}} {{thế:cb-nor2}} {{thế:cb-nor3}} {{thế:cb-nor4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Addition of unsourced or improperly cited material {{thế:cb-unsourced1}} {{thế:cb-unsourced2}} {{thế:cb-unsourced3}} {{thế:cb-unsourced4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Unaccepted practices, unilateral action against policies or guidelines
Removing {{afd}} templates / refactoring others' comments in AfD discussions {{thế:cb-afd1}} {{thế:cb-afd2}} {{thế:cb-afd3}} {{thế:cb-afd4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Triggering the abuse filter by attempting to vandalize {{K.có sẵn}} {{thế:cb-attempt2}} {{thế:cb-attempt3}} {{thế:cb-attempt4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Removing {{Prod blp}} templates {{thế:cb-blpprod1}} {{thế:cb-blpprod2}} {{thế:cb-blpprod3}} {{thế:cb-blpprod4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Removing {{cfd}} templates / refactoring others' comments in CfD discussions {{thế:cb-cfd1}} {{thế:cb-cfd2}} {{thế:cb-cfd3}} {{thế:cb-cfd4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Using talk page as forum {{thế:cb-chat1}} {{thế:cb-chat2}} {{thế:cb-chat3}} {{thế:cb-chat4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Adding non-compliant colours {{thế:cb-color1}} {{thế:cb-color2}} {{thế:cb-color3}} {{thế:cb-color4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Creating inappropriate pages {{thế:cb-create1}} {{thế:cb-create2}} {{thế:cb-create3}} {{thế:cb-create4}} {{thế:cb-create4im}}
Removing {{ffd}} templates / refactoring others' comments in FfD discussions {{thế:cb-ffd1}} {{thế:cb-ffd2}} {{thế:cb-ffd3}} {{thế:cb-ffd4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Uploading files missing copyright status {{thế:cb-ics1}} {{thế:cb-ics2}} {{thế:cb-ics3}} {{thế:cb-ics4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Removing file deletion tags {{thế:cb-idt1}} {{thế:cb-idt2}} {{thế:cb-idt3}} {{thế:cb-idt4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Adding Islamic honorifics without a specific reason {{thế:cb-islamhon1}} {{thế:cb-islamhon2}} {{thế:cb-islamhon3}} {{thế:cb-islamhon4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Removing {{mfd}} templates / refactoring others' comments in MfD discussions {{thế:cb-mfd1}} {{thế:cb-mfd2}} {{thế:cb-mfd3}} {{thế:cb-mfd4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Formatting, date, language, etc. (Manual of Style) {{thế:cb-mos1}} {{thế:cb-mos2}} {{thế:cb-mos3}} {{thế:cb-mos4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Malicious or bad page moves {{thế:cb-move1}} {{thế:cb-move2}} {{thế:cb-move3}} {{thế:cb-move4}} {{thế:cb-move4im}}
Creating malicious redirects {{thế:cb-redirect1}} {{thế:cb-redirect2}} {{thế:cb-redirect3}} {{thế:cb-redirect4}} {{thế:cb-redirect4im}}
Removing {{speedy deletion}} templates from self-created articles {{thế:cb-speedy1}} {{thế:cb-speedy2}} {{thế:cb-speedy3}} {{thế:cb-speedy4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Editing, correcting, or deleting others' talk page comments {{thế:cb-tpv1}} {{thế:cb-tpv2}} {{thế:cb-tpv3}} {{thế:cb-tpv4}} {{K.có sẵn}}
Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 4im