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[[Image:{{{image}}}|200px|Infobox Astronaut]]
Quốc tịch {{{nationality}}}
Hiện trạng {{{status}}}
Sinh {{{date_birth}}}
Mất {{{date_death}}}
Nghề nghiệp khác {{{occupation}}}
hiện nay
Hàm {{{rank}}}
Thời gian trên không gian {{{time}}}
Chọn {{{selection}}}
Phi vụ {{{mission}}}
Huy hiệu
công vụ
Hưu {{{Date of ret}}}

Usage[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

This infobox may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below into an article.

{{Infobox astronaut
|name                = 
|other_names         = 
|image               = 
|image_size          = 
|caption             = 
|type                = 
|status              = 
|date_birth          = 
|place_birth         = 
|death_date          = 
|death_place         = 
|occupation          = 
|current_occupation  = 
|previous_occupation = 
|alma_mater          =
|rank                = 
|time                = 
|selection           =
|eva1                =
|eva2                = 
|mission             = 
|insignia            = 
|Date of ret         = 
|awards              = 

Parameters[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Parameter Explanation
name Insert name of person.
other_names Other notable names for the person.
image Insert image, preferably at 200px.
image_size Set (optional) width of image; defaults to: 20em.
caption Insert photograph caption. Try to include date of photo and the photographer.
type Sponsoring agency (NASA, RKA, ESA, CSA, etc.) plus Astronaut (Cosmonaut for RKA) for professionals or Payload Specialist, Tourist, etc. for other flyers
status Insert the person's status as a member of an Astronaut Corps - Active, Retired, Deceased, Dismissed, etc.
birth_date Insert date of birth: month, day, year.
birth_place Insert place of birth: town, city, country.
death_date Insert date of death: month, day, year.
death_place Insert place of death: town, city, country.
occupation Insert the person's other occupations aside from being an astronaut.
current_occupation Insert the person's current occupation, if not still an astronaut.
previous_occupation Insert what the person did prior to becoming an astronaut.
alma_mater Alma mater.
rank Insert the person's military rank, if any.
time Insert the amount of time the person has spent in space.
selection Insert when the person was selected to train as an astronaut.
eva1 Total number of EVAs
eva2 Total time of all combined EVAs
mission Insert the completed or in progress mission(s) that the person has been a part of. Do not enter future missions as crew assignments can change prior to launch.
insignia Insert (an) image(s) of completed or in progress mission insignia(s) for missions that the person has been a part of. Do not enter future missions as crew assignments can change prior to launch.
Date of ret Insert the date that this person retired from astronaut service.
awards Insert any awards the person has received.

Microformat[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

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