Levuana irridescens

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Levuana iridescens
Levuana iridescens.jpg
Tình trạng bảo tồn
Phân loại khoa học
Giới (regnum) Animalia
Ngành (phylum) Arthropoda
Lớp (class) Insecta
Bộ (ordo) Lepidoptera
Họ (familia) Zygaenidae
Chi (genus) Levuana
Loài (species) L. iridescens
Danh pháp hai phần
Levuana iridescens
Bethune-Baker 1906

The Levuana Moth (Levuana irridescens) là một loài moth trong Zygaenidae family. It is monotypic withtrong genus Levuana. Levuana irridescens is known only from Fiji ở đó nó used to be a serious pest of coconuts from the late 19th century until around 1925 when a classical biological control program permanently reduced high population densities to almost non-detectable levels. However, this island group is most likely not the home range of this moth and it likely originated in island groups to the west of Fiji.

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