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This template, {{'-}} or Bản mẫu:Single space, uses the decimal code for the apostrophe or single-quote character so that it does not become interpreted with adjacent italics ('') or bold (''') wiki markup, or visually confused with other quotation marks.

This template leaves trailing space after the single quotation mark/apostrophe, unlike the similar {{`}} (no spacing), {{-'}} (leading space before the single quote) and {{'}} (smaller leading space before the apostrophe). It does not insert any semantically-invalid space characters, but does all the spacing visually-only, in CSS.

This template is intended for use with double-quote-providing templates when the content quoted ends on the right-hand side with an apostrophe/single quote, whereas {{-'}} is for the left-hand side, {{'}} is intended for use with italic text, and {{`}} is for non-italic text.

Do not use these templates in the |title= parameter of Chú thích kiểu 1 templates. Doing so corrupts the COinS metadata produced by the citation.

Ví dụ:

Critical Review of 'My Two Front Teeth{{'-}}

results in:

"Critical Review of 'My Two Front Teeth'"

compared to:

"Critical Review of 'My Two Front Teeth'"

produced by:

"Critical Review of 'My Two Front Teeth'"

Note the slight visual spacing difference between these two:

  • Teeth'"
  • Teeth'"

The equivalent template when manually placing double quotes around a single-quoted passage is {{' "}}; see also {{-'}} and {{" '}} for the left-hand side equivalents (parameter and manual, respectively).

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