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Cách sử dụng[sửa mã nguồn]

This template frames CODEN codes for usage inside the |id= parameter in the various {{citation}} and {{cite}} templates, or elsewhere. At present it just allows the CODEN code to be given in some documented way and links to the CODEN article in order to provide some explanation. However, it thereby helps to frame the code in some machine readable form and to standardize the appearance.

The template could be expanded to make the given code available as meta-data, to provide some error checking or (with much effort) to create a link to the corresponding publication.

Các tham số[sửa mã nguồn]

The first parameter should be the CODEN code (alternatively given as |coden=.

  • Ví dụ 1:
sẽ cho kết quả
  • Ví dụ 2:
sẽ cho kết quả
  • Ví dụ 3:
sẽ cho kết quả
  • Ví dụ 4:
sẽ cho kết quả
  • Ví dụ 5:
sẽ cho kết quả
  • Ví dụ 6:
{{CODEN|ABCDEF|FEDCBA}} (lên đến 9 tham số, không sử dụng coden=)
sẽ cho kết quả

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