Bản mẫu:Chembox setDatarow

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Tài liệu bản mẫu[xem] [sửa] [lịch sử] [làm mới]
{{Chembox/testcases (set)}}

applied[sửa mã nguồn]

{{Chembox Pharmacokinetics (set)}}
{{Chembox NIOSH (set)}}
{{Chembox Lethal amounts (set)}}
{{Chembox CMC HLB (set)}}
{{Chembox GHS (set)}} -- new (Dec 2021)
{{Chembox OHS (set)}} -- developing (Dec 2021)

Template technique[sửa mã nguồn]

Template code:

1. Create a specific (set) in the section (e.g., {{Chembox Lethal amounts (set)}})

2. From the section template (from {{Chembox Hazards}}), call the (set) conditionally (= when the set has input) and pass through input:

({{#if:{{{param1|}}}{{{param2|}}}|{{Chembox Chembox Lethal amounts (set)|param1={{{param1|}}}...}}}}

3. In the (set): call dataHeader and setDatarow (once per datarow). Set |setheadertext=Sub title and |label=Labeltext, pass through input parameters as |data={{{LD50|}}}

A setDatarow will not show when |data= is empty.

4. Check for ghost references