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This template is used to create content notes in Wikipedia. To create the marker to place in the text at the point where the content note is to be attached, use Template:Cref

Note: Content Notes created using {{hcref}} or {{cref}} and {{cnote}} can co-exist in an article along with Source Notes using the m:Cite/Cite.php system. The two systems do not interefere with each other in any way. For an example of this parallel usage, please see Che Guevara.



Required parameters

  • {{{1}}}: name of content note; must be the same name previously (or subsequently) assigned to this note using {{cref}}.
  • {{{2}}}: text (body) of content note.

Placement of this template

  • If a "Content Notes" section already exists in the article you are working on, simply determine where among the existing notes the one you are going to create should be listed and insert the {{cnote}} template there.
  • If a "Content Notes" section does not already exist in the article you are working on, you must create one by typing ==Content Notes== . (The "Content Notes" section should immediately follow the "Source Notes" section.) Then create the first content note by inserting the {{cnote}} template a couple of lines below the section header.

Important: once a content note has been created using {{cnote}}, you can edit it just as you would ordinary wikipedia text. Be careful, however, not to overwrite the two curly braces }} at the end of it.

Copyable empty example

{{cnote | enter name of content note here | enter text of content note here}}

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