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Usage[sửa mã nguồn]

The {{Dự án Chile}} project banner template should be added (not subst:ed) to the talk page of every article within the scope of the project. Adding this template to a talk page will automatically add the page to Thể loại:Bài viết Dự án Chile. While the template does not require any additional parameters, it has a number of optional ones that add various extra features to the banner. The full syntax is as follows:

{{Dự án Chile
|chất lượng         =
|độ quan trọng      = 

Basic Usage[sửa mã nguồn]

To avoid needlessly cluttering up talk pages, it is usually appropriate to remove any unused parameters from the template. A common initial configuration for the banner includes only a few parameters:

{{Dự án Chile |chất lượng=  |độ quan trọng =  |trạng thái =  }}

Parameters[sửa mã nguồn]

  • chất lượng - The assessed article class.
    • "NA" - non-article pages
    • "Danh sách" - lists
  • độ quan trọng - The priority/importance to assign the article. Non-article pages ignore this value. To force an ignore, set this parameter to "NA"