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[[File:FIAV {{{1}}}.svg|x15px|link=|alt=|Vexillological description]]</includeonly>

Tài liệu bản mẫu[xem] [sửa] [lịch sử] [làm mới]

This template can be used to put vexillological symbols in flag descriptions.

Sử dụng[sửa mã nguồn]

Các biểu tượng định dạng SVG này ở commons:Category:Vexillological symbols.

Usage symbols[sửa mã nguồn]

Usage symbols are created from a 6-figure combination of ones and zeros:

Biểu tượng Ý nghĩa Biểu tượng Ý nghĩa
Civil flag {{FIAV|100000}}
National flag {{FIAV|111000}}
State flag {{FIAV|010000}}
National ensign {{FIAV|000111}}
War flag {{FIAV|001000}}
State flag, war flag and naval ensign {{FIAV|011001}}
Civil ensign {{FIAV|000100}}
State flag, civil and naval ensign {{FIAV|010101}}
State ensign {{FIAV|000010}}
Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign {{FIAV|110110}}
Naval ensign {{FIAV|000001}}
State and war flag, state and naval ensign {{FIAV|011011}}
Civil and state flag {{FIAV|110000}}
National flag and civil ensign {{FIAV|111100}}
State and war flag {{FIAV|011000}}
National flag and state ensign {{FIAV|111010}}
Civil and state ensign {{FIAV|000110}}
National flag, civil and state ensign {{FIAV|111110}}
Civil flag and ensign {{FIAV|100100}}
State and war flag, national ensign {{FIAV|011111}}
State flag and ensign {{FIAV|010010}}
Civil and state flag, national ensign {{FIAV|110111}}
War flag and ensign {{FIAV|001001}}
Phù hiệu và cờ quốc gia {{FIAV|111111}}

Property symbols[sửa mã nguồn]

Description Code
Normal or de jure version of flag, or obverse side {{FIAV|normal}}
Design was proposed in the past, but never officially adopted {{FIAV|proposal}}
Design is a reconstruction, based on past observations {{FIAV|reconstructed}}
Reverse side of flag {{FIAV|reverse}}
Design is an acceptable variant {{FIAV|variant}}
Alternate version of flag {{FIAV|alternate}}
De facto version of flag {{FIAV|defacto}}
Flag has different designs on its obverse side and its reverse side {{FIAV|twosided}}
Obverse side meant to be hoisted with pole to the observer's right {{FIAV|sinister}}
Design used in the past, but now abandoned {{FIAV|historical}}

Vi dụ[sửa mã nguồn]

Đề án lá cờ của Đài Loan
  • {{FIAV|111111}} gives this:
  • [[Image:Flag_of_Taiwan_proposed_1996.svg|150px|thumb|{{FIAV|proposal}} Đề án lá cờ của Đài Loan]] gives the flag as shown on the right.