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This Infobox template can be used in articles about parks and gardens.

Cách sử dụng[sửa mã nguồn]

Khẩu hiệu{{{motto}}}
Vị trí{{{location}}}
Thành phố gần nhất{{{nearest_city}}}
hoặc {{{nearest_town}}}
Lưới OS{{{grid_ref_UK}}}
Lưới OSI/OSNI{{{grid_ref_Ireland}}}
Tọa độ{{{coordinates}}}{{{coords_ref}}}
Diện tích{{{area}}}
Độ cao{{{elevation}}}
Ủy quyền{{{authorized}}}
hoặc {{{created}}}
hoặc {{{established}}}
hoặc {{{designated}}}
hoặc {{{opened}}}
hoặc {{{opening}}}
Đóng cửa{{{closed}}}
Người sáng lập{{{founder}}}
Nhà thiết kế{{{designer}}}
Từ nguyên{{{etymology}}}
Chủ sở hữu{{{owner}}}
Quản lý bởi{{{administrator}}}
hoặc {{{manager}}}
hoặc {{{operator}}}
Số lượt khách{{{visitation_num}}} (trong {{{visitation_year}}}){{{visitation_ref}}}
Thời gian mở cửa{{{open}}}
Tình trạng{{{status}}}
Giải thưởng{{{awards}}}
Khu cắm trại{{{camp_sites}}}
Đường mòn đi bộ đường dài{{{hiking_trails}}}
hoặc {{{paths}}}
Địa hình{{{terrain}}}
hoặc {{{habitat}}}
Thực vật{{{plants}}}
hoặc {{{vegetation}}}
Bộ sưu tập{{{collections}}}
Ký hiệu{{{designation}}}
Bị đe dọa bởi{{{disturbance}}}
Ngân sách{{{budget}}}
Bãi đỗ xe{{{parking}}}
Phương tiện công cộng{{{publictransit}}}
hoặc {{{transport}}}
Thông tin khác{{{other_info}}}
hoặc {{{facilities}}}
Trang web{{{website}}}

This template provides many options. A very functional infobox can be created using the most commonly used parameters below.

Các tham số phổ thông Tất cả các tham số
{{Hộp thông tin công viên
| name           = 
| image          = 
| image_size     = 
| image_alt      = 
| image_caption  = 
| map            = <!-- hoặc | map_image = --> 
| map_width      = 
| type           = 
| location       = 
| nearest_city   = 
| coordinates    = 
| area           = 
| created        = 
| operator       = 
| visitation_num = 
| status         = 
| designation    = 
| open           = 
{{Hộp thông tin công viên
| name             = 
| alt_name         = 
| native_name      = 
| native_name_lang = 
| image            = 
| image_size       = 
| image_alt        = 
| image_caption    = 
| map              = <!-- hoặc | map_image = -->  
| map_alt          = 
| map_width        = 
| map_caption      = 
| relief           = 
| label            = 
| label_position   = 
| mark             = 
| mark_width       =
| type             = 
| motto            = 
| location         = 
| nearest_city     = 
| nearest_town     = 
| grid_ref_UK      = 
| grid_ref_Ireland = 
| coordinates      = 
| coords_ref       = 
| area             = 
| elevation        = 
| authorized       =
| created          = 
| established      =
| designated       =
| opened           =
| opening          =
| closed           =
| founder          = 
| designer         = 
| etymology        =  
| owner            =
| administrator    =
| manager          =
| operator         = 
| visitation_num   = 
| visitation_year  = 
| visitation_ref   = 
| open             = 
| status           = 
| awards           = 
| camp_sites       = 
| hiking_trails    = 
| paths            = 
| terrain          =
| habitat          = 
| water            =
| plants           = 
| vegetation       = 
| species          = 
| collections      = 
| designation      = 
| disturbance      = 
| budget           = 
| parking          =
| publictransit    = 
| transport        = 
| free_label       = 
| free_data        = 
| other_info       = 
| facilities       = 
| website          = 
| embedded         = 
| child            = 

Các tham số[sửa mã nguồn]

Miêu tả[sửa mã nguồn]

This table describes all parameters which can be used in build park infobox. Only the name parameter must be assigned a value.

Tên trường Miêu tả
name Required. The name of the park. It will be displayed at the top of the infobox. In most cases this should be the same as the article name less any disambiguation. For example, if the article title is Hyde Park, London then name=Hyde Park.
alt_name If there is a common English name for the park use it for the name parameter. This parameter can be used to display the name in the local language or for an alternate English name if it is commonly used. If you would like to italicize the text use wiki markup.
native_name name in local language. If more than one, separate using {{plainlist}}.
native_name_lang ISO 639-2 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{lang}} instead.
The name of an image file to be displayed. No special formatting is needed.
Can be used to change the display width of the image. The default width is 240 pixels and maximum is 325 pixels. Images with a horizontal orientation (landscape mode) will generally display well at the default setting. An image with vertical orientation (portrait mode) may need to be adjusted to 180 pixels or less. For example, image_size=200 and not image_size=200px. This template allows image_size=frameless. See Photo display parameters below.
Alternative text for the image, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT.
The caption that will appear below the image if one is required.
Map related parameters
map The name of the map to be displayed. See Map display methods below.
map_width Can change the display width the map. The default width is 240 pixels and maximum is 272 pixels, but usually the map can be smaller. For example, map_width=200 and not map_width=200px.
map_alt Alt text for the map. See WP:ALT.
map_caption The caption that appears below the map if one is required.
label A text message that will be displayed next to the mark. Works with label_position below. Seldom used.
label_position Specifies the position of a label with respect to the mark. This is not functional when using the pixel coordinates method for map display. Valid values are left, right, top and bottom. See label above.
relief Selects a relief map when assigned any value. This is not functional when using the pixel coordinates method for map display. See Map display methods.
mark The image used for the mark on a map. The default is Red pog.svg. Look here for other images.
Type, Location, Motto, Nearest city
location The location of the park. Don't be too precise. County, state and country are good in the USA. If the park is within a city specify the city, state and country. If the park is in multiple counties just list the state and country. For areas in other countries adjust accordingly.
Recommended if the area is not within a city or town. It could be a city with a major airport or a large gateway town where supplies and lodging are available. Use the most appropriate parameter.
Coordinates-related parameters
grid_ref_UK If the park is in Great Britain, the British grid reference. For parks outside of Great Britain, this field is not applicable and therefore should be removed if it is present.
grid_ref_Ireland If the park is in Ireland (whether Northern Ireland or the Republic), the Irish grid reference. For parks outside Ireland, this field is not applicable and therefore should be removed if it is present.
coordinates For the {{tọa độ}} template. The parameters |format=dms and |display=inline,title are recommended. Its coordinates can be used with the location map. (Unless a value for type: is provided, the template will automatically use type:landmark. See the {{Tọa độ}} page for more info.)
coords_ref Strongly recommended. Specify a citation for the coordinates using <ref>...</ref> tags.
Other parameters
area Area of the protected park. Usually in acres or square miles for US locations and hectares or square kilometres elsewhere. The {{convert}} template should be used. Very small areas might be specified in square feet, square yards or square metres.
elevation Elevation of the park if it is noteworthy. The {{convert}} template should be used.
The date the park was created. See below. Use {{start date}}. For example, for Yosemite National Park, use {{start date|1890|10|1}}.
closed The date of closure or disestablishment, if applicable.
founder The person who founded the park or garden.
designer The person who designed the park or garden.
etymology The etymology of parks name. Should be very brief or only included in the text of the article.
The agency or organization which controls or owns the park. See below.
visitation_num The number of visitors in a recent year if known.
visitation_year The year during which the number of visitors was counted.
visitation_ref Used with the visitation parameters above. Highly recommended. Specify the a citation for the visitation data using <ref>...</ref> tags.
open The hours, days, or months that the park is open.
status The status of the park. e.g. "Closed for restoration", or "Closed due to budgetary considerations." Sometimes used as an alternative to open. e.g. "Open all year."
awards Any awards given to the park; for example, Green Flag Award in the UK.
Type(s) of terrain or habitat(s).
Number of individual plants grown.
species Number of species grown.
collections Notable plant collections.
designation The legal protection offered to the park.
disturbance Threats to the park, e.g. logging, urban development.
budget Owner/ operator's planned annual expenditure.
parking Information on the park's parking facilities (e.g. number of spaces or lots).
The nearest public transport stop.
free_label Customisable label.
free_data Data field used with free_label.
website Website. Use {{URL}}.
embedded Used to embed another template in this one. See below.
child Used to embed this template in another. See below.

Các tham số hiển thị hình ảnh[sửa mã nguồn]

The parameters image_size or photo_width allow several options:

Tùy chọn Miêu tả
If no value is assigned, the image will display with a width of 240 pixels.
Where n is any numeric value, the image will display with a width of n pixels. The maximum width is 325 pixels.
The image will display with a default width of 220 pixels, however, if a user is logged in, they can change this value here. If this option is used, the upright parameter is made available. For example, |image_size=frameless|upright=1.2 will cause the image to display with a width of (220 * 1.2) or 264 pixels. More information about this parameter can be found here.
The image will display with a default width of 170px. This is equivalent to [[Tập tin:Example.jpg|frameless|upright]] using wiki image syntax. More information about the upright option can be found here.

Các tham số thay thế[sửa mã nguồn]

A few cells allow alternate parameter names which can be used to generate an appropriate label. Editors should probably not be overly concerned with using the correct label unless using the wrong label would be a blatant error.

Nearest city or town:

nearest_city → Nearest city
nearest_town → Nearest town

To display the date the park was created use the most appropriate parameter below:

authorized → Authorized
created → Created
designated → Designated
established → Established
opened → Opened
opening → Opening

To display the name of the entity which manages the park use the most appropriate parameter below:

administrator → Administered by
manager → Managed by
operator → Operated by

Hiking trails or paths:

hiking_trails → Hiking trails
paths → Paths

Terrain or habitat:

terrain → Terrain
habitat → Habitats

Plants or vegetation:

plants → Plants
vegetation → Vegetation

Public transit access or connecting transport:

publictransit → Public transit access
transport → Connecting transport

Other information or facilities:

other_info → Other information
facilities → Facilities

Các ví dụ[sửa mã nguồn]

Công viên Tank Hill
Tank Hill, San Francisco.jpg
Tank Hill từ bên dưới
Hộp thông tin công viên trên bản đồ Hạt San Francisco
Hộp thông tin công viên
LoạiNatural Area
Vị tríSan Francisco, California
Tọa độ37°45′36″B 122°26′51″T / 37,76°B 122,4475°T / 37.76000; -122.44750
Diện tích2,87 mẫu Anh (1,16 ha)[Chuyển đổi: Số không hợp lệ]
Tạo thành1977 (1977)
Điều hành bởiSan Francisco Recreation and Parks
{{Hộp thông tin công viên
| name          = Công viên Tank Hill
| alt_name      =
| image         = Tank Hill, San Francisco.jpg
| image_size    = 256
| image_alt     = 
| image_caption = Tank Hill từ bên dưới
| map           = Hạt San Francisco
| map_width     = 208
| map_caption   = 
| type          = Natural Area
| location      = [[San Francisco]], [[California]]
| coordinates   = {{tọa độ|37|45|36|N|122|26|51|W|region:US-CA_source:gnis|display=inline<!--,title-->}}
| area          = {{convert|2.87|acre|2}}
| created       = {{start date|1977}}
| operator      = San Francisco Recreation and Parks
Công viên Edworthy
Calgary-Edworthy Park.JPG
Sông Bow nhìn từ công viên Edworthy
Hộp thông tin công viên trên bản đồ Calgary
Hộp thông tin công viên
Vị trí của công viên Edworthy ở Calgary
LoạiUrban park
Vị tríCalgary, Alberta
Tọa độ51°03′41″B 114°09′23″T / 51,06139°B 114,15639°T / 51.06139; -114.15639
Diện tích1,27 km2 (0,49 dặm vuông Anh)[Chuyển đổi: Số không hợp lệ]
Điều hành bởiThành phố Calgary
Thời gian mở cửaAll year
{{Hộp thông tin công viên
| name          = Công viên Edworthy
| image         = Calgary-Edworthy Park.JPG
| image_size    = 
| image_alt     = 
| image_caption = Sông Bow nhìn từ công viên Edworthy
| map           = Calgary Canada
| map_width     = 192
| map_alt       = 
| map_caption   = Vị trí của công viên Edworthy ở Calgary
| type          = [[Urban park]]
| location      = [[Calgary]], [[Alberta]]
| coordinates   = {{tọa độ|51|03|41|N|114|09|23|W|display=inline<!--,title-->}}
| area          = {{convert|1.27|km2|abbr=on|2}}
| operator      = [[Calgary|Thành phố Calgary]]
| open          = All year

Phương pháp hiển thị bản đồ[sửa mã nguồn]

Any image of a map showing the location of the park can be used.

Hiển thị một điểm đánh dấu trên bản đồ sử dụng bản mẫu và hệ tọa độ địa lý[sửa mã nguồn]

A marker can be superimposed on a map using one of a set of special map templates. To display a marker, the geographic coordinates must be specified using the {{Tọa độ}} template inside the |coordinates= parameter. See the documentation for {{Bản đồ định vị}}. The parameters for this template map to a subset of the parameters used by {{Bản đồ định vị}}. A map template can be found using these sources:

Danh sách bản mẫu – Many of the listed items are redirects and a few templates may not function as expected.
Thể loại:Bản mẫu bản đồ định vị - templates sorted by category.
Đặc_biệt:Liên_kết_đến_đây/Bản mẫu:Bản đồ định vị/Thông tin – a search that might help.
Đặc_biệt:Tiền_tố/Mô đun:Location map/data/ – another search that might help.
Đặc_biệt:Tiền_tố/Bản mẫu:Bản đồ định vị – another search that might help.

All of the names begin with the words "Location map" followed by the area covered. The value you need to specify is the area name. The map template for Canada is Location map/data/Canada. In this case specify |map=Canada.

Four Corners, Canada
Hộp thông tin công viên trên bản đồ Canada
Hộp thông tin công viên
Ví dụ sử dụng tọa độ địa lý
Tọa độ60°B 102°T / 60°B 102°T / 60; -102
{{Hộp thông tin công viên|
| name = Four Corners, Canada
| map = Canada
| map_caption = Ví dụ sử dụng tọa độ địa lý
| coordinates = {{tọa độ|60|N|102|W|display=inline <!-- for documentation page only - not general practice --> }}

By default, {{Tọa độ}} displays in the infobox only in the page title. Parameter |display=inline,title can be added to make the coordinates display at the top of the page as well.

Bản mẫu đang nhúng[sửa mã nguồn]

This template can be embedding in another infobox template by adding the code |child=yes. To embed another template in this one use |embedded={{Infobox ....

Siêu định dạng[sửa mã nguồn]

The articles created using this template include an hCard microformat. For more information read this.

Thể loại theo dõi[sửa mã nguồn]

Xem thêm[sửa mã nguồn]