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Use {{ISSN link}} to produce a link or pair of links to the Worldcat search page for an ISSN. Unlike {{ISSN}}, this template does not prefix the link with "ISSN "; and if multiple ISSNs are provided they will be tagged as being for "(print)" and "(web)".

Cách sử dụng

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In any context where you need to show an ISSN linked to a Worldcat search, but where the inclusion of the "ISSN " prefix would be distracting, or where you need to provide both the ISSN (print) and eISSN (web/online/digital) for a publication, you can use {{ISSN link}} to generate the needed markup. The template was created for use with List of Cambridge University Press journals (several hundred ISSNs in a table, with a separate column for the ISSNs). If you only need a single or a few ISSNs, you'll be better off just using {{ISSN}} or {{ISSN search link}}.

The template takes two positional parameters, and at least one is required. If both are given, the first is assumed to be the ISSN for the print edition and the second to be the online edition, and both will be tagged accordingly. If only one parameter is given, no assumption is made regarding print vs. online and no tagging is done.

  • |1=: If |2= is also provided, this is the ISSN for the print edition, and will be tagged with "(print)". If this is the only parameter passed in, no assumption will be made as to its type and no tag will be provided.
  • |2=: The ISSN of the online edition. This parameter is optional, but if given will produce a linked ISSN tagged with "(web)".

Các ví dụ

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Đối số 1

[sửa mã nguồn]

{{ISSN link|1234-5678}}1234-5678

Đối số 2

[sửa mã nguồn]

{{ISSN link|1234-5678|9876-5432}}1234-5678 (print)
9876-5432 (web)

Đối số 2 không có ngắt dòng

[sửa mã nguồn]

{{ISSN link|1234-5678|9876-5432|br=;}}1234-5678 (print); 9876-5432 (web)

Ghi chú và phát hiện lỗi

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Việc tìm kiếm ISSN xuất bản

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An ISSN is always eight digits long. Scroll down the Worldcat page to find the ISSN. Do not rely on the digits shown in the Worldcat URL for the particular publication, since the URL sometimes shows only seven digits, which is invalid to use as the ISSN.

Các lỗi

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Articles with invalid ISSNs (as determined by the template) will be placed in Thể loại:Bài viết có ISSN không hợp lệ.