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Bản mẫu:Resolve category redirect

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Resolves a soft category redirect.

It takes one parameter, which is the name of a category. It returns that category name, unless the category exists and is a {{category redirect}} ... when it returns the name of the redirect target.

Usage[sửa mã nguồn]

{{Resolve category redirect|categoryname}}

Examples[sửa mã nguồn]

Category exists and is not redirected
Thể loại:Thập niên 1970
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Thập niên 1970}} → Thập niên 1970
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Thể loại:Thập niên 1970}} → Thể loại:Thập niên 1970
Category exists and is a soft redirect
Category:Mosques completed in the 19th century
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Mosques completed in the 19th century}} → Mosques completed in the 19th century
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Category:Mosques completed in the 19th century}} → Category:Mosques completed in the 19th century
Category exists and is a soft redirect
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Organisations}} → Organisations
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Category:Organisations}} → Category:Organisations
Non-existent category
Category:Colourless green things
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Colourless green things}} → Colourless green things
  • {{Resolve category redirect|Category:Colourless green things}} → Category:Colourless green things

Templates[sửa mã nguồn]

Do not use templates in the target name.

{{Resolve category redirect}} cannot expand any templates in the target name, and the { character caused crashes (as did } and !). So it does not attempt to resolve any redirect where the target includes those characters.

  • Category:1781 in Mexico‎ contained {{category redirect|{{title year}} in New Spain}} which cannot be resolved. To be safe, {{Resolve category redirect|1781 in Mexico‎}} simply returned 1781 in Mexico‎.
    The above example has since been changed to {{category redirect|1781 in New Spain}}, which can be resolved.

Avoiding deletion of the redirected page[sửa mã nguồn]

If the parameter |keep=yes is included in the category redirect, this hides a speedy deletion button that is otherwise displayed to administrators.

It is helpful to also add {{R from category navigation}} to indicate that the redirect is required for navigation between category pages. See that template page for full syntax.

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