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810030190 2017-11-13T00:01:02Z Primefac Changed protection level for "[[Template:Taxonomy/Allium]]": misread earlier request - still highly visible/important, but not TE-important. ([Edit=Require autoconfirmed or confirmed access] (indefinite))
810024914 2017-11-12T23:38:45Z Primefac Protected "[[Template:Taxonomy/Allium]]": highly visible templates ([Edit=Require template editor access] (indefinite))
762506778 2017-01-29T07:03:12Z JJMC89 bot Replace '{{Don't edit this line {{{machine code|}}}|{{{1}}}' with '{{Don't edit this line {{{machine code|}}}' in taxonomy templates
685572219 2015-10-13T16:54:01Z Michael Goodyear typo
685572079 2015-10-13T16:52:56Z Michael Goodyear parent should be tribe
428214668 2011-05-09T08:35:24Z Peter coxhead [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with '{{Don't edit this line {{{machine code|}}}|{{{1}}} |rank=genus |link={{subst:#titleparts:{{subst:PAGENAME}}|2|2}} |parent=Allioideae |extinct= |refs=<!--Shown on th...'