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Usage[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

{{Infobox website
| name            = 
| logo            =
| screenshot      = 
| collapsible     =
| collapsetext    =
| caption         = 
| url             = 
| alexa           = 
| commercial      = 
| type            = 
| language        = 
| registration    = 
| owner           = 
| author          = 
| launch date     = 
| current status  = 
| revenue         = 
| slogan          =
| content license =

Parameters[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Do not link to an article more than once in the infobox. All parameters are optional. See also WP:WEB.

Parameter Explanation
name The website's most recognised name.
logo The website logo.
screenshot A screenshot of the entire homepage, see Example 1/Example 2.
collapsible Whether the screenshot should be collapsed or visible at page load.
collapsetext text to use for the header of the collapsed section. defaults to 'Screenshot'
caption Caption saying screenshot of <website name> as of <date>
url The most used URL of the website, use Alexa to find the most used URL, e.g. http://www.wikipedia.org/ (required)
alexa The website's current Alexa ranking (find on Alexa.com; make sure to cite Alexa's page for this info)
type The type of website, search for similar sites for an idea. (required)
language The language(s) the website is available in
registration Is there registration, none/optional/required?
owner The current owner, company name/persons name/alias etc (required)
author The person or entity that originally created the website (required)
launch date When the website was launched, consider using the WHOIS data as a last resort if you are unable to determine the launch date.
current status Is the site online/offline/sold etc. Used for major transitions only, not for short term outages or other temporary situations.
revenue The approximate revenue of the site.
slogan The slogan of the website, e.g. "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit."
content license The license of the content of the site.

Example[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Wikipedia logo.
Detail of Wikipedia's multilingual portal. Here, the project's largest language editions are shown.
Địa chỉ website http://www.wikipedia.org/
Thương mại No
Loại website Internet encyclopedia project
Yêu cầu đăng ký Optional
Giấy phép nội dung GNU Free Documentation License
Chủ sở hữu Wikimedia Foundation
Tạo bởi Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger
{{Infobox website
| name            = Wikipedia
| logo            = [[Image:Wikipedia-logo.png|48px|Wikipedia logo.]]
| screenshot      = [[Image:Www.wikipedia.org screenshot 2013.png|280px|Detail of Wikipedia's multilingual portal. Here, the project's largest language editions are shown.]]
| url             = http://www.wikipedia.org/
| commercial      = No
| type            = [[Internet encyclopedia project]]
| registration    = Optional
| owner           = [[Wikimedia Foundation]]
| author          = [[Jimmy Wales]] and [[Larry Sanger]]
| content license = [[GNU Free Documentation License]]

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