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Bản mẫu:Wikipedia ads

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This template displays web banner-style advertisements, almost all of which are animated, for various Wikipedia maintenance collaborations, WikiProjects, policies, guidelines, processes and practices, such as barnstars, featured articles and edit summaries. The ads rotate at random each time the page is changed, and can be cycled manually by clicking the "show another" button in the bottom-right corner of the box. Clicking on the ad will take you to a relevant page; to view the image description page, click the "file info" link.

To include the ad box on your userpage or talk page, simply edit your page and add {{Wikipedia ads}} in the appropriate place. This will produce the following:

  • Wikipedia ads error: ID '174' does not exist (help).


[sửa mã nguồn]

By default, the template will show ads taken at random from the entire collection. The following parameters are supported:

Parameter and Value Description
1=ad number, 2=ad number... Rotate at random through only the ads specified. E.g. if you want to rotate ads 1, 2, 10 and 50, use the code {{Wikipedia ads|1|2|10|50}}.
ad=ad number Display only the specified ad.
linkcolor=color Change the color of the links.
color=color Change the color of the text.
background=color Change the background color; by default the template has a transparent background.
float=position Float the ads alongside any text that follows, e.g. float=right.
margin=CSS value A custom CSS margin. Defaults to "0 auto" if the float parameter is not set.
showpurge=yes Show the purge link (the link with the display text "show another") even if only one ad will be output. This is normally not necessary, but can be useful for hacks using the |ad= parameter.
nolinks=yes Hide the links at the bottom of the template. Please try to avoid this, as the "file info" link is the only way to see the licensing and authorship information for the image (normally, this can be done simply by clicking the image).
width=width Changes the width of the ads. Please keep in mind that significant changes from the default will result in either unreadable ads, or poor quality images since the images will be rescaled by the browser.

Hiding the ads

[sửa mã nguồn]

If you do not wish to see these ads, you may hide them by adding the following code to your common.css file:

.qxz-ads { display: none !important; }

Current ads

[sửa mã nguồn]

This template was conceived and implemented by Gurch and later rewritten by Svick. The images were created by many different users, as detailed below. (Individual images may have been edited by more than one user.)

If you would like an ad to be created for a particular page or project, one of the users listed below may wish to create it for you.

  • Berrely is happy to help with any requests, which can be made on his talk.

Bear in mind that there are already dozens of ads in use; if the project you wish to promote already has one, feel free to suggest improvements or make your own replacement, but try to stick to one ad per project.

Click the [show] button in the box below to expand the list of all ads.

Creating ads

[sửa mã nguồn]

If you wish to create ads yourself, you are welcome to do so. For Apple macOS users, click here for instructions. Alternatively, for Microsoft Windows users, click here for instructions. For Linux users, and an alternative for Windows users, click here for instructions. To ensure that the template works properly and all ads are uniform, however, please set the dimensions of the said image to be 468 pixels wide by 60 high.

Additionally, the following requirements must be met to ensure copyright and Wikipedia's image use policy are not violated:

  • If the image includes other images (a derivative work), it must only include images under a free license or in the public domain.
  • The image itself must be released under a free license or into the public domain.
  • Some free licenses specify that derivative works must also use that license (for example, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0). If an ad contains images under such a license, the ad itself must also be released under that license.
  • Non-free images cannot be used.

The image may be uploaded locally or to Commons, but in either case the local image description page should exist and contain {{Wikipedia-adnavbox}}.

Bear in mind when creating animations that they can have large file sizes, and many contributors do not access Wikipedia through a high-speed connection. Try to keep each image to no more than a few hundred kilobytes in size.

Adding and removing ads

[sửa mã nguồn]

To add and remove ads, please see the instructions at Module:Wikipedia ads/list.

Errors are tracked using the Category:Wikipedia ads templates with errors category.

ID '123' does not exist

[sửa mã nguồn]
  • Wikipedia ads error: ID '123' does not exist (help).

There are two likely causes for this error. The first is a misspelling of the ad ID. Check the list of current ads to see if you have typed in the ad ID correctly. The second is that the ID is for a previously existing banner that has been removed from Module:Wikipedia ads/list. Ads are sometimes removed for projects that have become defunct or are otherwise no longer relevant. Check the ad list history to see if this is the case. Usually in this case it is best to remove the ad ID from your Wikipedia ads template, but if you think the ad was removed from the ad list in error you can start a discussion about it at Template talk:Wikipedia ads.


[sửa mã nguồn]
Đây là tài liệu Dữ liệu bản mẫu cho bản mẫu này được sử dụng bởi Trình soạn thảo trực quan và các công cụ khác; xem báo cáo sử dụng tham số hàng tháng cho bản mẫu này.

Dữ liệu bản mẫu cho Wikipedia ads

Advertisements for all sorts of Wikipedia collaborations and policies.

Tham số bản mẫu[Quản lý Dữ liệu bản mẫu]

Tham sốMiêu tảKiểuTrạng thái

Number of a rotated ad.

Sốtùy chọn

Number of a rotated ad.

Sốtùy chọn

Number of a rotated ad.

Sốtùy chọn

Number of a rotated ad.

Sốtùy chọn

Number of a rotated ad. Subsequent ads can be added with parameters 6, 7, 8, etc.

Sốtùy chọn

Display the specified ad only.

Mặc định
rotates randomly
Sốtùy chọn
Link colorlinkcolor

Color of the links.

Mặc định
Chuỗi dàitùy chọn

Color of the text.

Mặc định
Chuỗi dàitùy chọn

Background color.

Chuỗi dàitùy chọn

Position of the template. Can be "left", "right" or "both".

Chuỗi dàitùy chọn

A custom CSS margin for the template. Default to "0 auto" if the float parameter is not set.

Mặc định
0 auto
Chuỗi dàitùy chọn
No linksnolinks

Hide all links. Not recommended.

Chuỗi dàitùy chọn
Show purge linkshowpurge

Display a "show another" link even if only one ad can be shown.

Chuỗi dàitùy chọn