Macarostola japonica

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Macarostola japonica
Phân loại khoa học
Giới (regnum)Animalia
Ngành (phylum)Arthropoda
Lớp (class)Insecta
Bộ (ordo)Lepidoptera
Phân bộ (subordo)Glossata
Liên họ (superfamilia)Gracillarioidea
(không phân hạng)Ditrysia
Họ (familia)Gracillariidae
Chi (genus)Macarostola
Loài (species)M. japonica
Danh pháp hai phần
Macarostola japonica
Kumata, 1977

Macarostola japonica là một loài bướm đêm thuộc họ Gracillariidae. Nó được tìm thấy ở Nhật Bản (Honshū và Satunan).[1]

Sải cánh dài 9–10 mm.

Ấu trùng ăn Euscaphis japonica. There are four or five instars. In the first two instars the larvae are of sap-feeding type with a flat head, và in the third to supposed fifth instars they are tissue-feeders, with a round head và a cylindrical body as in usual lepidopterous larvae. The mine starts as a tortuous serpentine mine, which is located inside the lower epidermis of a leaf và is whitish in colour. The second instar larva expands the linear mine to an elongated blotch along the leaf-margin. In this stage the mine occupies the lower layer of spongy parenchyma. The larva of the third instar feeds on the whole parenchymal tissues remaining inside the blotch-mine, then makes it into a tentiform type. After the third moult, the larva leaves the mine through a round hole và migrates to another leaf, which it cuts from the edge towards the midrib. This cut edge is rolled to form a cone on the underside of the leaf, then the larva continues to feed inside the cone. When full-grown the larva leaves the cone to pupate. Pupation takes place at a margin of the same leaf or another one. The cocoon is whitish, boat-shaped, without any bubbles on its upper side.[2]

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