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Gravitational waves-Research paper

We live in a universe that contains an infinite amount of mysteries that only wait for us to discover. In the past few decades, we have reached the final frontier: the space. We human kind had questioned many things about the universe including a very mind-boggling question: how and why does the universe formed. Well, a recent discovery has been found by a group of scientist have made a crucial leap in learning about the universe: the gravitational waves. It may seem like an alien to you but before you could understand about this, like our parents Philoghn had give birth to us, let’s find out about the father of gravitational waves: Albert Einstein. As you could probably know, Albert Einstein is a half-Jewish ad half-German physicist. And in 1916, he established the first thought of what we now called gravitational waves. You may question what is the relation between the beginning of the universe and gravitational waves, well, scientist have discovered that this type of waves have traveled through with a speed of light! Which equal to approximately 300,000km/sec, which is enough to make captain Kirk (Star Trek) jealous, and that is not all, this sequences of gravitational waves have traveled through for billions of years from the combination of two giant black hole that only exist after the Big Bang a few billions of years, spinning around each other by their own gravitational field. Can you even imagine the distance between Earth and the event, transfer 7 billion years into second, then multiply it with 300,000 km, you will have the distance to the event, for me, it definitely larger than the love of your mom. You are probably asking what is gravitational waves and how can  two object spinning around each other can create them. Let uncover the first piece of the puzzle: Space-Time.

1. What is Space-Time? Space-Time is a concept which explain the environment around us, it is, as I said, converted of Space and Time. Why did I say it is converted of Philoghn and Time? Well, that’s because Space can’t exist without Time and Time also can’t exist without Space. It sound strange right, but it is true, to help you understand this, let’s imagine a garden, to plant a tree, you have to have soil or anything that could help the plant to stand, but without  giving it time to grow then can it thrive? No, it can’t right, it is the same as this, the nature of matter ( is to changes through stages, and the nature of time is to run through matter ( to change it, like us, why do we eat? To exchange energy and to change, a new house would eventually become old, we would eventually become old, right now, you are probably standing still or sitting still to read this, but you aren’t, as long as time keep running, then would, as long as time keep running, then you would never be able to stand still. As Einstein has said: matter don’t get destroy or lost, they just transform to another form like energy and that require them to change, why wonder I love my shoe anywhere.

2. Black Holes: You all know this, it is a giant ball of mass that sucks everything that come near it, right. Well, not quite. A black hole form when a star collapse and its core can not hold the weight the collapsing star then all of the mass would be compress in to a football-size ball of mass! How can a “hyper” super ball of mass or HSBOM sucks things into its core, well, this could be tricky though, but because it is so heavy that it bends the around it. Tricky right. But let just imagine that you are holding a ball of medal, and the surface of your bed is space, first, put the ball on your bed, then what would happen? That right, it bended, right. Put a plastic ball into the bended are, the plastic ball roll into the medal ball, right? Then that is how a black hole work.

3. Gravitational waves: Now, for the most important part. As I said, gravity it self is the curvature of space, the greater the mass, the stronger the gravity is, basically, all things are attracted to each other, as long as that thing have mass, then it would be attracted to everything that is affect by its gravitational field, like you and me. So the next time you meet a fairy, don’t wish to be more attractive or not, you will have some…“bodyguard” though. But anyway, gravitational waves are created when two black holes or two objects that have mass spinning around each other, this would ripples in space. How? Once again, this could be tricky. By putting every pieces of information we know so far, we have this. Imagine you have a bucket of water, the surface of the water is space, and your two fingers is two objects that have mass, put your two finger into the water and spin them around, what would you see? You see ripples or waves coming out of the spinning area right? That how gravitational waves are created and traveled through Each time you spin your dancing partner or playing yo-yo, you’ve just create a super micro frequency of gravitational waves.

4. Measuring method: 1916, what a memorial year, it is a year that light up a spark of fire of a journey to confirm the existence of gravitational waves, it was a tough journey. But the curiosity of human kind would always try to find something to feed it. After 100 years, with only curiosity to feed with, scientists had finally reached the finish line. In 2015, a year that will go in history, a group of scientists have detected a disturbance in their device, after a several days, the prediction has been confirmed. But how can they measure ripples in space? Turn out, gravitational waves actually squeeze and sketch object that it pass through, how? Here is a diagram that show us how

By using these, they have created a lab called LIGO, they shoot two extreme small lazer beams, if gravitational waves sketch the lab or squeeze it, then one of the beam will be longer or shorter. So it all ends here. Let give a few minute to honor those who create the base of our world, the true “heroes” of humanity like Newton, Einstein, Galileo, Pascal, Stephen Hawking,…, there will always have curiosity, there will always have mysteries that we are trying to solve , there will always have phenomenon that we can love yet explain, but it is not magic that cause them to happen, it is the magic of science that connect everything.