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Cách sử dụng[sửa]

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This template is used to generate shades of color navigation templates.

Cách sử dụng[sửa]

{{Các sắc thái màu
|color13=Orange|name13=Orange|article13=Orange (colour)


Global parameters
color Base color of the template.
bgcolor (Optional) Color used as the background color of the title bar. Defaults to the color parameter.
title (Optional) Title used for the title text. Defaults to Shades of ...
textcolor (Optional) Color used for the title text. Defaults to white.
state (Optional)
autocollapse Will start as collapsed if two or more navigation boxes are on the same page. This is the default.
collapsed Will always start collapsed.
uncollapsed Will never start collapsed.
plain Will not be collapsible.
off Will not be collapsible. Extra padding will not be added to the right side to center title.
colorname (Optional) Name of main shade, defaults to the color parameter.
catcolorname (Optional) Color name in the Category:Shades of ..., defaults to the color parameter.
shownote (Optional) If set will show a note stating that the samples should not be taken to be definitive.
caveat (Optional) Note to show at the bottom of the template.
Per shade parameters (N may be 1 to 60)
colorN Color used as the background of the swatch. May be a hexcode.
nameN Name of the color swatch. Defaults to the colorN parameter.
articleN (Optional) Name of the article for the shade. Defaults to the nameN parameter or if that is not set colorN. Will automatically detect pages with " (color)" or " (colour)" designators and link to those disambiguated pages if this parameter is not explicitly set.

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