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Tài liệu bản mẫu[xem] [sửa] [lịch sử] [làm mới]
  • Purpose: This template is used to cite sources in Wikipedia, specifically, audio and visual media sources.
  • Please consider using {{cite episode}} as an alternative, to cite episodes of television and radio programs. (Has some different alternative choices of data. Includes an example of use as non-episodic application which can be used instead of this template.)
  • A production can differ among versions released; it is important to use publication information for the exact version that was consulted. For example:
    • A second DVD release may differ from the first.
    • A subtitled edition is substantially different from an original version without subtitles.

Cách sử dụng[sửa mã nguồn]

Horizontal list:

{{cite video |author= |year= |title= |url= |format= |type= |language= |trans_title= |publisher= |location= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |accessdate= |time= |id= |isbn= |oclc= |quote= |ref= }}

Vertical format:

{{cite video
 | author =
 | year =
 | title =
 | url =
 | format =
 | type =
 | language =
 | trans_title =
 | publisher =
 | location =
 | archiveurl =
 | archivedate =
 | accessdate =
 | time =
 | id =
 | isbn =
 | oclc =
 | quote =
 | ref =

Examples[sửa mã nguồn]

{{cite video | author=Fouladkar, Assad (Director) | date=2003-05-15 | title=Lamma hikyit Maryam | trans_title = When Maryam Spoke Out | type=Motion picture | location=Lebanon | publisher=Fouladkar, Assad}}

  • Fouladkar, Assad (Director) (15 tháng 5 năm 2003). Lamma hikyit Maryam (Motion picture). Lebanon: Fouladkar, Assad. Đã bỏ qua tham số không rõ |trans_title= (gợi ý |trans-title=) (trợ giúp)

Parameters[sửa mã nguồn]

Syntax[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/syntax

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/coins

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/sep period

Description[sửa mã nguồn]

Authors[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/author

Aliases: last, last1

Title[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/title italics Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/typeUse one of the following as applicable: Motion picture, Television production, Videotape, DVD, Trailer, Video game, CD, Radio broadcast, Podcast.

Aliases: type

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/language

Date[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/date

Publisher[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/publisher

Edition, series, volume[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/edition Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/series Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/volume

In-source locations[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/date Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/time Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/pages

URL[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/url

Anchor[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/ref

Identifiers[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/id1 Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/id2

Quote[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/quote

Editors[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/editor

Laysummary[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/lay

Display options[sửa mã nguồn]

Bản mẫu:Citation Style documentation/display

Dữ liệu bản mẫu[sửa mã nguồn]

This template formats a citation to audiovisual media sources.

Tham số bản mẫu

Tham sốMiêu tảKiểuTrạng thái

The URL of the online location where the media can be found

Chuỗikhuyến khích
Source titletitle

The title of the source page on the website; displays in quotes

Chuỗikhuyến khích
Source datedate

Full date of the source; do not wikilink

Ngày thángkhuyến khích
Author last namelast author author1 authors last1 people

The surname of the author; Do not wikilink - use author-link instead.

Chuỗikhuyến khích
Author first namefirst first1

Given or first name, middle names, or initials of the author; don't wikilink

Chuỗikhuyến khích
Media typetype

Media type of the source; format in sentence case. Displays in parentheses following the title. Use one of the following as applicable: Motion picture, Television production, Videotape, DVD, Trailer, Video game, CD, Radio broadcast, Podcast.

Chuỗikhuyến khích

The language the source is written in, if not English. Displays in parentheses with "in" before the language name. Use the full language name or ISO 639-1 code.

Chuỗikhuyến khích

Name of the publisher; displays after title

Chuỗitùy chọn

Year of source being referenced. Do not use in combination with 'Source date'.

Sốtùy chọn
English translation of titletrans-title

The English translation of the title if the source cited is in a foreign language. Displays in square brackets after title. Use with the language parameter.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Author article titleauthor-link authorlink1 authorlink author1-link author1link

Title of existing Wikipedia article about the author — not the author's website.

Trangtùy chọn
Other contributorsothers

Other contributors to the work, such as 'Illustrated by John Smith' or 'Translated by John Smith'.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Place of publicationplace location

Geographical place of publication; generally not wikilinked; omit when the name of the work includes the location.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Original publication yearorig-year

Original publication year; displays after the date or year. For clarity, please supply specifics - such as 'First published 1859'.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Place of publication (Alternate)publication-place

If any one of publication-place, place or location are defined, then the location shows after the title; if publication-place and place or location are defined, then place or location are shown before the title prefixed with "written at" and publication-place is shown after the title.

Chuỗitùy chọn

When the publication has more than one edition; for example: "2nd", "Revised", and so forth. Appends " ed." after the field.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Seriesseries version

When the source is part of a series, such as a book series or a journal where the issue numbering has restarted

Chuỗitùy chọn

For one publication published in several volumes. Displays after the title and series fields; displays in bold

Chuỗitùy chọn
In-source location: Minutesminutes

Time the event occurs in the source; followed by "minutes in".

Sốtùy chọn
In-source location: Timetime

Time the event occurs in the source; preceded by default text "Event occurs at time".

Chuỗitùy chọn
In-source location: Time captiontime-caption timecaption

Changes the default text displayed before time

Chuỗitùy chọn
In-source location: Pagepage

The number of a single page in the source that supports the content. Use 'pages' instead for a range of pages.

Sốtùy chọn
In-source location: Atat

For when other in-soruce locations are inappropriate or insufficient.

Chuỗitùy chọn
URL: Access dateaccess-date accessdate

Full date when the contents pointed to by url was last verified to support the text in the article; do not wikilink

Ngày thángtùy chọn
URL: Archive URLarchive-url archiveurl

The URL of an archived copy of a web page, if or in case the url becomes unavailable.

Chuỗitùy chọn
URL: Archive datearchive-date archivedate

Date when the original URL was archived; preceded by default text "archived from the original on". Use the same format as other access and archive dates in the citations.

Ngày thángtùy chọn
URL: Original is deaddead-url deadurl

When the URL is still live, but pre-emptively archived, set to No. This changes the display order with the title retaining the original link and the archive linked at the end

Chuỗitùy chọn

Format of the work referred to by url; for example: PDF, DOC, or XLS; displayed in parentheses after title. HTML is implied and should not be specified. Does not change the external link icon.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Anchor IDref

Generates anchor with the given ID, allowing it to be made the target of wikilinks to full references. The special value 'harv' generates an anchor suitable for the harv template.

Chuỗitùy chọn

A unique identifier, used where none of the specialized identifiers are applicable

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: arXivarxiv

arXiv identifier; for example: arxiv=hep-th/9205027 (before April 2007) or arxiv=0706.0001 (since April 2007). Do not include extraneous file extensions like ".pdf" or ".html".

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: ASINasin

Amazon Standard Identification Number; if first character of asin value is a digit, use isbn.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: Bibcodebibcode

Bibcode; used by a number of astronomical data systems; for example: 1974AJ.....79..819H

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: DOIdoi

Digital object identifier; for example: 10.1038/news070508-7. It is checked to ensure it begins with 10.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: ISBNisbn

International Standard Book Number; for example: 978-0-8126-9593-9. Dashes in the ISBN are optional, but preferred. Use the ISBN actually printed on or in the book. Use the 13-digit ISBN – beginning with 978 or 979 – when it is available.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: ISSNissn

International Standard Serial Number; eight characters may be split into two groups of four using a hyphen, but not an en dash or a space.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: JFMjfm

Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: JSTORjstor

JSTOR abstract; for example: "3793107"

Sốtùy chọn
Identifier: LCCNlccn

Library of Congress Control Number. When present, alphabetic prefix characters are to be lower case.

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: Mathematical Reviewsmr

không miêu tả

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: OCLCoclc

Online Computer Library Center

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: Open Libraryol

Open Library identifier; do not include "OL" in the value.

Sốtùy chọn
Identifier: OSTIosti

Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: PMCpmc

PubMed Central; use article number for full-text free repository of a journal article, e.g. 345678. Do not include "PMC" in the value

Sốtùy chọn
Identifier: PMIDpmid

PubMed; use unique identifier

Sốtùy chọn
Identifier: RFCrfc

Request for Comments

Sốtùy chọn
Identifier: SSRNssrn

Social Science Research Network

Chuỗitùy chọn
Identifier: ZBLzbl

không miêu tả

Chuỗitùy chọn

Relevant text quoted from the source. Displays enclosed in quotes. When supplied, the citation terminator (a period by default) is suppressed, so the quote needs to include terminating punctuation.

Chuỗitùy chọn