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Sáng tạo ra bởi {{{creator}}}
Xuất hiện trong {{{appearances}}}
Thông tin cá nhân
Tự {{{style_name}}}
Ngoại hiệu {{{nicknames}}}
Tên khác {{{aliases}}}
Giới {{{gender}}}
Quê quán {{{hometown}}}
Gia đình {{{family}}}
Vợ/Chồng {{{spouse}}}
Người trong mộng {{{romantic_interests}}}
Con cái {{{children}}}
Anh em kết nghĩa {{{sworn_siblings}}}
Kết giao
Bang, phái {{{organisations}}}
Sư phụ {{{teachers}}}
Đệ tử {{{students}}}
Võ công
Ngoại công {{{qinggong}}}
Nội công {{{neigong}}}
Phép quyền cước {{{unarmedskills}}}
Phép vũ khí {{{armedskills}}}
Binh khí {{{weapons}}}
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Cách sử dụng[sửa mã nguồn]

This is an in-line infobox template that is created for fictional characters that appear in works of wuxia fiction. If there are multiple entries, use the syntax <br /> to separate them.

Parameters that are necessary are the name, the author and the novels in which the character appear in. All other parameters, if left blank, will not show up on the template.

  • name: The name of the character.
  • image: An image of the character from film, comic or other media adaptations of the novel. The format should be as such:
  • caption: The caption for the image.
  • creator: The person(s) who created the character.
  • appearances: The works of fiction that the character appear in.
  • courtesy_name: The courtesy name of the character.
  • nicknames: The nicknames or titles of the character.
  • aliases: The aliases of the character. (i.e. Other names he or she is associated with.)
  • gender: The gender of the character. (Either male or female.)
  • hometown: The hometown of the character.
  • family: The family members and relatives of the character. (Includes godparents; excludes spouses, romantic interests, children and distant relatives.)
  • spouse: The spouse(s) of the character. (Must be married to the character.)
  • romantic_interests: The romantic interest(s) of the character. (Excludes those who are already married to the character.)
  • children: The children of the character.
  • sworn_siblings: Sworn siblings (if any) of the character.
  • organisations: The organisation(s) that the character is a member of.
  • teachers: The teachers of the character. Teachers may not necessary teach martial arts, nor do they necessary need belong to the same organisation(s) as the character.
  • student: The students of the character. (Only immediate students, no "grand-students" or "great-grand-students" or whatsoever.)
  • qinggong: The qinggong skills that the character possesses.
  • neigong: The Neigong skills that the character possesses.
  • unarmedskills: Skills that the character possesses without the use of weapons in combat. Fists, palms etc are listed here.
  • armedskills: Skills that the character possesses with the use of weapons in combat. Swordplay skills (and others) are listed here.
  • weapons: The weapons that the character uses. If a particular weapon has a name, state it.

Blank declaration[sửa mã nguồn]

This declaration can be copied to the front of every article that requires it.

{{Thông tin nhân vật tiểu thuyết võ hiệp
| name = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| creator = 
| appearances = 
| courtesy_name =
| nicknames = 
| aliases = 
| gender = 
| hometown =
| family = 
| spouse = 
| romantic_interests = 
| children = 
| sworn_siblings = 
| organisations = 
| teachers = 
| students = 
| qinggong = 
| neigong = 
| unarmedskills = 
| armedskills = 
| weapons = 

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