Epidendrum nocturnum

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Epidendrum nocturnum
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Phân loại khoa học
Giới (regnum) Plantae
(không phân hạng) Angiospermae
(không phân hạng) Monocots
Bộ (ordo) Asparagales
Họ (familia) Orchidaceae
Phân họ (subfamilia) Epidendroideae
Tông (tribus) Epidendreae
Phân tông (subtribus) Laeliinae
Chi (genus) Epidendrum
Phân chi (subgenus) E. subg. Epidendrum
Đoạn (section) E. sect. Planifolia
Phân đoạn (subsection) E. subsect. Umbellata
Loài (species) E. nocturnum
Danh pháp hai phần
Epidendrum nocturnum
Danh pháp đồng nghĩa

Epidendrum nocturnum (the "Nocturnal Epidendrum") is the type species of the genus Epidendrum of the Orchidaceae (Orchid family). The species occurs in Florida, Bahamas, West Indies, Central America to northern Brazil and the Guyanas. Epidendrum nocturnum is common in South Florida.

It is usually autogamous (flowers self-pollinate) and sometimes cleistogamous (flowers self-pollinate before they open).

The haploid chromosome number of E. nocturnum has been determined as n = 20. The diploid chromosome number has been determined both as 2n = 40 and as 2n = 80[1]

In 1984, the variety E. nocturnum var. guadeloupense was determined to have a diploid chromosome number of 2n = 42—48. On ngày 7 tháng 11 năm 2010, Kew did not recognize the existence of this variety in its World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.

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