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Tại sao không phải là một trò chơi tốt đẹp của cờ vua?
Where is the Dragon in the game of Chess? There definitely is one, but he's an illusionist and hidden. Without him though, Black and White would not fight. The Dragon represents the elusive wealth to be had in plundering the opponent (a reason to fight), while also representing the fear of attack (a reason to defend). In order to have a fun game of chess though, a Dragon is required. Evil lies in intent.

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This Wikipedia user has a secret identity, like Batman.

This user plays mahjong.
This user is a xiangqi player.
This user is addicted to video games.
AC This user believes that a plane can change the tides of war.

This user enjoys chess.

Although Global Thermonuclear War sounds good too.

Thành viên:Scepia/DuneAnd how can this be?

This user is interested in ancient civilizations.

Such as the Heechee, for instance, or the Progenitors.

This user is interested in religion.

Each is a finger pointing at the moon.

This user is interested in religion as a metaphysical or theological phenomenon.

Thành viên:UBX/law interestMoses knows us

Thành viên:Richard0612/Userbox Archive/User BeethovenI pass on the moloko plus though.

Thành viên:UBX/St Georges Day This user believes in dragons

Thành viên:The Raven's Apprentice/Userboxes/User Evolutionduh.

Bản mẫu:User mushroomsbut only if they bruise blue

Thành viên:The Raven's Apprentice/Userboxes/User Astronomyfar out

Thành viên:Mtmelendez/Userboxes/Godfather Part I

Thành viên:The Dark Side/Original userboxes/00

Thành viên:UBX/Big Lebowski
This user wants to be there when the whip comes down.

This user supports the freedom of Tibet.

This user thinks there are lots of things as funny as a 3 legged rabbit hopping in neat little circles.

This user understands time is a whole lot weirder than people think.

This user believes cloning is the best defense against fonicative obsolescence.

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Các Dương s của Neptune là rộng lớn hơn nhiều so với những người hàng ngày Trái Đất.
The internal structure of Neptune:
1. Upper reaches, top clouds
2. Ocean consisting of hydrogen, helium and methane
3. Mantle consisting of water, ammonia and methane ices
4. Core consisting of rock and ice
Cuốn sách của mình quá cao. Cuốn sách của ông là học phức tạp.
Cloud bands in the upper reaches cast shadows on the surface of Neptune's ocean.
3d diagram model (logarithmic scale) of the Oort cloud
An artist's rendering of the Oort cloud, the Hills cloud, and the Kuiper belt (inset). We are surrounded.