Pleurotus purpureo-olivaceus

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Pleurotus purpureo-olivaceus
Phân loại khoa học
Giới (regnum) Fungi
Ngành (divisio) Basidiomycota
Lớp (class) Agaricomycetes
Bộ (ordo) Agaricales
Họ (familia) Pleurotaceae
Chi (genus) Pleurotus
Loài (species) P. purpureo-olivaceus
Danh pháp hai phần
Pleurotus purpureo-olivaceus
(G.Stev.) Segedin, P.K.Buchanan & J.P.Wilkie (1995)[1]
Danh pháp đồng nghĩa[3]

Resupinatus purpureo-olivaceus G.Stev. (1964)

Pleurotus rattenburyi Segedin (1984)[2]

Pleurotus purpureo-olivaceus is a gilled fungus native to Australia and New Zealand.[1][4][5][6] It is found on dead wood of Nothofagus trees.[2][7] Although morphologically similar to some other Pleurotus fungi, it has been shown to be a distinct species incapable of cross-breeding and phylogenetically removed from other species of Pleurotus.[1][8]

The caps of the fruit bodies are up to 7 cm (2,8 in) wide, and are dark violet to brown to olive to yellow-green, depending on light exposure. Stipes are lateral and white to yellow.[2][7]

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