Wikipedia:Guestbook for non-Vietnamese speakers

Trang hạn chế sửa đổi (bán khóa)
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Guestbook for non-Vietnamese speakers

Welcome to the guestbook for non-Vietnamese speakers of the Vietnamese-language Wikipedia! This guestbook is for discussing Wikipedia-related multilingual coordination. If you have any announcements or questions regarding international issues or the Vietnamese Wikipedia, you are invited to post them in the talk page. We'll try our best to answer them. We prefer English and Vietnamese, but you can also post them in other languages as well. Thanks for visiting our site!

Tiếng Việt: Trang này dành cho những người không sử dụng được tiếng Việt. Nếu bạn muốn đưa ý kiến, hãy sử dụng trang Wikipedia:Thảo luận.