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American Idol (Mùa 5)
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Định dạng Truyền hình tương tác
thực tế
Sáng lập Simon Fuller
Đạo diễn Bruce Gowers
Dẫn chương trình Ryan Seacrest
Giám khảo Paula Abdul
Simon Cowell
Randy Jackson
Quốc gia Mỹ
Ngôn ngữ tiếng Anh
Số tập 41 (Danh sách chi tiết)
Sản xuất
Giám đốc sản xuất Nigel Lythgoe
Ken Warwick
Simon Fuller
Địa điểm nhà hát Orpheum, LA (Hollywood)
CBS Television City
(Chung kết)
nhà hát Kodak
(Lễ đăng quang)
Thời lượng thay đổi
Trình chiếu
Kênh trình chiếu FOX
Phát sóng 17/0124/05/2006
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"AI5", "American Idol 5" được chuyển hướng đến bài viết này. Xin xem thêm: AI-5.

Mùa thi thứ năm của loạt chương trình American Idol bắt đầu phát sóng từ ngày 17 tháng 01 và kết thúc ngày 24 tháng 05, năm 2006. Hội đồng giám khảo bao gồm những gương mặt cũ của bốn mùa thi trước: Randy Jackson, Paula AbdulSimon Cowell, cùng với người dẫn chương trình quen thuộc Ryan Seacrest. Đây được đánh giá là mùa thi thành công nhất đến thời điểm hiện tại với tần suất khán giả đón xem cao nhất và 17 thí sinh (trong số đó có 9 thí sinh chung kết) có chỗ đứng riêng trong nền âm nhạc đương đại với các hợp đồng được kí kết với các hãng thu âm lớn. Lần đầu tiên, người chiến thắng American Idol là một thí sinh nam (Taylor Hicks) và người về nhì là nữ (Katharine McPhee). Ngoài ra, đây cũng là mùa thi đầu tiên phát sóng dưới dạng truyền hình độ nét cao.

Vòng thử giọng[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Vòng thử giọng được tổ chức tại bảy thành phố lớn từ đầu mùa thu 2005, đó là:

Không như mùa thi 4, vòng thử giọng không mời bất kì nghệ sĩ uy tín nào làm giám khảo khách mời.

Chung kết[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Reuben Hicks is from Birmingham, Alabama. He is gray-haired and performed "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke at his original audition in Las Vegas. At the first audition, the judges were surprised by his appearance. He is one of the five winners in American Idol history to never be in the bottom three. He won the competition on May 24.

Katharine Hope McPhee's mother là một vocal coach. At the time she auditioned in San Francisco, Randy Jackson said her audition was the best he'd heard yet that season. At the end of the first semi-final round, Simon Cowell said that he had heard four very good singers that evening and that McPhee was the best among them. She is from Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California. McPhee was the runner-up on American Idol as announced on the May 24 finale.
Elliott Yamin

Efraym Elliott Yamin was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. He started singing at the age of five and did not have any formal training. He auditioned for American Idol in Boston. After his first semi-final performance, Simon Cowell said that he was potentially the best male vocalist in American Idol history. Yamin finished in third place in one of the closest outcomes in Idol history.

- Eliminated 05/17/06
Chris Daughtry

Christopher Adam "Chris" Daughtry là một former car service worker from McLeansville, Bắc Carolina. During the audition round, he was profiled as a "Rocker Dad." He originally auditioned in Denver.

- Eliminated 05/10/06
Paris Ana'is Bennett is the granddaughter of Grammy Award winner Ann Nesby, and sang "Cowboy Take Me Away" by The Dixie Chicks at her original audition in Greensboro. She is from Fayetteville, Georgia. Her mother and grandmother are apart of the Grammy-winning group, Sounds of Blackness. - Eliminated 05/03/2006
Kellie Pickler
Kellie Dawn Pickler is from Albemarle, Bắc Carolina, but was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was profiled as a roller-skating waitress. Her mother left when she was two and her father has had numerous legal problems; he is now free. Pickler lived with her grandfather and originally auditioned in Greensboro. She was never in the bottom three until she was eliminated. - Eliminated 04/26/06
Ace Young
Brett Asa "Ace" Young (who goes by his middle name) is from Denver, and he auditioned there as well. At that time, Randy Jackson called him one of the best he'd seen so far this season. After he sang "Father Figure", Simon Cowell said that Young had the 'X-Factor' (a reference to another RTL talent show, in the UK). Young had been singing since age nine and had voice lessons. - Eliminated 04/19/06
Bucky Covington

William Joel "Bucky" Covington is from Rockingham, Bắc Carolina. He auditioned in Greensboro. He has an identical twin brother named Rocky.

- Eliminated 04/12/06
Mandisa (born Mandisa Lynn Hundley) is from Antioch, Tennessee. She had a successful original audition in Chicago, after which Simon Cowell made jokes about her size. He later apologized after being confronted by Miss Hundley. Like Pickler, she was never in the bottom 3 until her elimination. - Eliminated 04/05/06
Lisa Tucker

Lisa Gabrielle Tucker is from Anaheim, California, and she auditioned in Denver. Simon Cowell called her the "best 16-year-old" ever to audition on the show at the time of her original Denver audition. She was also a runner-up on Star Search but lost to Tiffany Evans. A week after her elimination she appeared in an episode of The O.C.

- Eliminated 03/29/06
Kevin Covais

Kevin Patrick Covais was 16 years old at the time, and is from Levittown, New York. For his audition in Boston, he sang "You Raise Me Up". Viewers gave him the nickname "Chicken Little."

- Eliminated 03/22/06

Melissa Christine McGhee is from Tampa, Florida. She auditioned in Denver. She sang "Can't Fight the Moonlight" by LeAnn Rimes for her audition. She had not sung on camera until her first week in the top 24.

- Eliminated 03/15/06

Song themes[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Performers on results shows[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Elimination song[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

A new feature this year, the show now uses a special song to make a tribute to an eliminated contestant's journey on the show, as opposed to before when various different melodic music compositions were played. This year, the song used for an eliminated contestant's flashback tribute was "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter.

The finale[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

On the finale, Carrie Underwood sang "Don't Forget to Remember Me" solo along with the song "Through the Rain" with the 12 finalists. Also, the finalists performed two medleys: one medley was for the female finalists and the other for the male finalists. Several special guests performed with one of the top five Idols: Al Jarreau (Paris Bennett), Live (Chris Daughtry), Meat Loaf (Katharine McPhee), Mary J. Blige (Elliott Yamin) and Toni Braxton (Taylor Hicks). Also, Prince performed without an Idol, as did Shakira, while Clay Aiken performed with lookalike auditioner Michael Sandecki, who resembled Aiken circa his 2005 audition. Towards the end of the program, the finalists performed "That's What Friends Are For" with Dionne Warwick as well as other songs in the Burt Bacharach canon, with Burt Bacharach playing the piano. Several auditioners from the first round returned to accept "Golden Idol" awards, and to sing. A parody of Brokeback Mountain (though there was no mention of homosexuality) called "Brokenote Mountain," featuring a group of three failed auditioners (Layne Johnson, Michael Evans, and Matthew Buckstein) was replayed from the Hollywood round. The trio "The Brokenote Cowboys" then performed the Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson song "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys". In a pre-taped segment, finalist Kellie Pickler ate lunch with Wolfgang Puck at his brasserie as a way of making fun of Kellie's admitted lack of culinary savvy. Finally, just before the results were announced, Hicks and McPhee performed "(I've Had) The Time of My Life". The chairman of TeleScope Inc., the company which manages the American Idol results, came at the end of the show with the result card.

American Idol Season 5 Winner
Taylor hicks with harmonica on the miller stage june 18 2006.jpg
Birthname Taylor Reuben Hicks
Years as winner 24 tháng 5 năm 2006 - 23 tháng 5 năm 2007
Genres Blue-eyed soul, blues, blues rock
Successor Jordin Sparks
Predecessor Carrie Underwood

Semi-finals[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

The semi-finals began on February 21, with the names announced on February 15. There were three shows each week for the three weeks of the semi-finals.

There were no format changes from season 4; it featured 12 male singers and 12 female singers (24 total), with two of each being eliminated each week.

The semi-finalists, announced 15 tháng 2 năm 2006, along with their songs performed on the show, were:

Female semi-finalists[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Ayla Marie Brown (born 28 tháng 7 năm 1988) is from Wrentham, Massachusetts and is six feet tall. She attended high school at Noble and Greenough School and was a star basketball player. In 11th grade, she was the 4th woman to have ever scored 1000 points at Noble and Greenough School. During her junior year, she became only the 20th female to have ever scored 2000 points in a career at the high school stage. Her father, Scott Brown, là một Massachusetts state senator, and her mother, Gail Huff, là một local television personality at WCVB-TV. She also has a sister, Arianna Brown. She had a college basketball scholarship at Boston College. She originally auditioned in Boston, singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." After being voted off American Idol on 9 tháng 3 năm 2006, she has continued to tour throughout the New England area, and released with singles "Know You Better" and "I Quit" in September followed the album "Forward" in October. She performed the National Anthem at the 2006 Boston Pops July 4th concert.
  1. "Reflection" (Christina Aguilera)
  2. "I Want You to Need Me" (Celine Dion)
  3. "Unwritten" (Natasha Bedingfield) - Eliminated 03/09/06
Shontai Kinnik Sky Marshall (born 13 tháng 5 năm 1977) is from Duluth, Georgia. She auditioned in Greensboro. She was grouped with Nicole Turk, Celeste Scalone and Tyra Schwartz during the group rounds.
  1. "Get Here" (Oleta Adams)
  2. "Here for the Party" (Gretchen Wilson) - Bottom 3 03/02/06
  3. "If I Ain't Got You" (Alicia Keys) - Eliminated 03/09/06
Heather Josephine Cox (born 16 tháng 11 năm 1983) is from Jonesville, Bắc Carolina. She auditioned in Denver. Grouped with Halicia Thompson and Kellie Pickler during Hollywood group performances.
  1. "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" (Diana Ross)
  2. "Hero" (Mariah Carey) - Eliminated 03/02/06
Brenna Mema Gethers (born 7 tháng 10 năm 1980) is from Mount Vernon, New York. She auditioned in Boston, and was known for her "catty" attitude. She's now the lead singer for Bomb Squad, a funk-rock band that won an American Music Award for Best New Music in 2003.[2]
  1. "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" (Stevie Wonder)
  2. "Last Dance" (Donna Summer) - Eliminated 03/02/06
Stephanie "Stevie" Marie Scott (born 22 tháng 5 năm 1986 in Fair Oaks, California). She auditioned in Denver. She sang "Emotions" with Hannah Freeman and Paris Bennett during their group performance in Hollywood. She was eliminated on 23 tháng 2 năm 2006 along with Becky O'Donohue, Bobby Bennett, and Patrick Hall. She made a cameo appearance on the Top 6 performance show of American Idol on 25 tháng 4 năm 2006.
  1. "To Where You Are" (Josh Groban) - Eliminated 02/23/06
Rebecca "Becky" Clarise O'Donohue is from Dobbs Ferry, New York. Her original audition was in Boston with her twin sister (who didn't sing due to recent throat surgery). Simon Cowell praised her looks, but said no to her voice. She was let through to Hollywood by Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul.
  1. "Because the Night" (Patti Smith) - Eliminated 02/23/06

Male semi-finalists[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Gedeon Luke McKinney (born 1 tháng 10 năm 1988) was from Memphis, Tennessee. He intended to audition in Memphis, but the auditions there were canceled due to the city's role in relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. He raised funds to travel to the Chicago auditions by putting on a benefit concert. His elimination was a surprise to many, including Simon Cowell, who had criticized him previously. McKinney's father, Tony McKinney, also a performing artist, died in December of 2005 before the show aired.
  1. "Shout" (The Isley Brothers)
  2. "A Change Is Gonna Come" (Sam Cooke)
  3. "When a Man Loves a Woman" (Percy Sledge) - Eliminated 03/09/06
William John "Will" Makar (born 2 tháng 3 năm 1989 in The Woodlands, Texas) is of Ukraina/English descent. Will attended high school at The Woodlands College Park High School. In high school, Will starred in several musical productions, including The Woodlands College Park High School Musical in tháng 1 năm 2006, the performance of which began the day after the airing of the his American Idol audition and was covered by local media. He has also performed for Presidents ClintonBush and with singer Celine Dion as part of the Houston Children's Chorus. He has performed the National Anthem at many sporting events and was also a member of the band Last Born. During the Hollywood rounds, he performed Fly Me to the Moon with David Radford and Kevin Covais. Will was signed to Double Deal Brand Records, which also signed fellow top 16 semi-finalist Ayla Brown, and released his debut single titled "I Won't Make It Out" on iTunes on Friday, 27 tháng 4 năm 2007.
  1. "I Want You Back" (The Jackson 5)
  2. "Lady" (Kenny Rogers)
  3. "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" (James Taylor) - Eliminated 03/09/06

José "Sway" Penala (born 23 tháng 1 năm 1978) is from South San Francisco, and he auditioned in San Francisco. He was the only Asian-American who made it to the semi-finals this season. He has performed with groups such as DnH and 6th Day. He wore a Fedora hat and coat and a military dog tag at his performances during the season. He developed friendships with Elliott Yamin, Taylor HicksChris Daughtry during this season. Elliott was also his group mate in the Hollywood week and his roommate.
  1. "Reasons" (Earth Wind & Fire)
  2. "Overjoyed" (Stevie Wonder) - Eliminated 03/02/06
David William Radford (born 22 tháng 3 năm 1988 in Crystal Lake, Illinois) là một high school senior at Crystal Lake Central High School. In addition to singing, David plays the trumpet. He originally auditioned in Chicago.
  1. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (Queen)
  2. "The Way You Look Tonight" (Frank Sinatra) - Eliminated 03/02/06
Patrick Aaron Hall (born 24 tháng 9 năm 1977 is from Gravette, Arkansas and was seen for the first time in Hollywood. During the Hollywood rounds, Simon Cowell called him 'very likeable', and compared him to Clay Aiken. He received many positive comments during these rounds. To separate himself from the Clay Aiken comparison, however, he chose to perform Come to My Window on the first week of the Top 24. He was eliminated that week.
  1. "Come to My Window" (Melissa Etheridge) - Eliminated 02/23/06
Bobby Bennett, Jr. born (4 tháng 6 năm 1986)is from Denver and also auditioned there. He is most known for his rousing rendition of the Manilow classic "Copacabana" and was named the "showman" of the semi fianlists. He also made an appearance in the March 21 episode on which Barry Manilow performed. He has gone on to perform in night clubs and most notably at "lannies Clock Tower Cabaret" in Denver and has sold out four consecutive times. He also does charity work for the organization "Denver Kids Inc" and mentors young children and adults. He was the headlining perfromer at the Denver Rotary Club Branch Rickey Awards in 2007. He now resides in Hollywood California and plans to perform his successful night club act in the area.
  1. "Copacabana" (Barry Manilow) - Eliminated 02/23/06

Thứ tự bị loại[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Vòng: Bán kết Chung kết
Tuần thi: 23/02 02/03 09/03 15/03 22/03 29/03 05/04 12/04 19/04 26/04 03/05 10/05 17/05 24/05
STT Thí sinh Kết quả
Taylor Hicks
Chiến thắng
Katharine McPhee
At 2 Top 2 At 1 Về nhì
Elliott Yamin
At 2 At 1 At 1 Loại
Chris Daughtry
At 2 Top 2 Loại
Paris Bennett
At 1 At 1 At 1 Loại
Kellie Pickler
Ace Young
At 1 At 1 At 1 Loại
Bucky Covington
At 2 Loại
Lisa Tucker
At 2 At 1 Loại
Kevin Covais
At 1 Loại
Melissa McGhee
Gedeon McKinney
Ayla Brown
Will Makar
Kinnik Sky
At 1
José "Sway" Penala
David Radford
Heather Cox
Brenna Gethers
Patrick Hall
Stevie Scott
Bobby Bennett
Becky O'Donohue

Website dự đoán kết quả[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

DialIdol[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Bài chi tiết: DialIdol

DialIdol is both the name of a computer program for Microsoft Windows and its associated website that began tracking contestants during Season 4 and sprang to prominence at the start of Season 5. The program allows users to automatically vote for the American Idol contestants of their choice using their PC's phone modem. The program then reports back to the main website, which keeps track of the results based on the percentage of calls for each contestant that result in a busy signal. Based on the data received, the website then predicts which contestants may be eliminated or may be in danger of being eliminated. Vào 25 tháng 5 năm 2006, its predictions for Season 5 were 87% accurate.[3]

This was the first season in which the free U.S. public service website,, started to openly present voting results (starting with the top 12 and onward) that it claims are from Cingular and American Idol. It has experienced controversy over the fact that its results change throughout the day until (and often through) the results show.

Chỉ trích[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

  • In tháng 1 năm 2006, twins Derrell and Terrell Brittenum were charged with forgery and theft after allegedly using a false identity to purchase a car. This occurred after the "Hollywood" portion of the show was filmed, and the twins were subsequently disqualified.[4]
  • Simon Cowell said that he didn't like "last year's winner" as much as Kellie Pickler. He has since said that it was a heat of the moment thing, as Carrie Underwood had performed on the show the week before and was not very fond of the performance.
  • In tháng 1 năm 2006, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) expressed concern about the show's portrayal of some contestants: "The real offense here was in the producer's decision to add insult to injury by turning a contestant's gender expression into the butt of a joke." Damon Romine, Entertainment Media Director, on January 20.[5]
  • In tháng 1 năm 2006 The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, NAAFA accused the show of being discriminatory towards its plus sized contestants.
  • In tháng 2 năm 2006, it was discovered that José "Sway" Penala was reportedly signed to E-Real Records with his band 6th Day, at the time of his audition.
  • Two rumors about finalist Katharine McPhee circulated during early March and throughout the season. The first was that she was quitting the show and wouldn't show up for the March 7th airing. The second was sparked by the loose fitting blouses she had been wearing, leading viewers to suspect she was pregnant. Katharine denied both rumors when interviewed by host Ryan Seacrest on the March 7th show.[6]
  • During the March 28 show while Mandisa Hundley was singing, her name and phone number came up, but changed for a few seconds and showed Taylor Hicks' name and phone number. At the end of the show the numbers were right.[7]
  • Mandisa Hundley was voted out after country week, whereby her rendition of "Any Man of Mine" was not well received as a good song choice. The reason behind her elimination was speculated to be what she said before she began to sing her rendition of "Shackles (Praise You)" by Mary Mary: "This song goes out to everybody that wants to be free. Your addiction, lifestyle and situation may be big, but God is bigger." Many viewers believed that the "lifestyle" stated was regarding the homosexual lifestyle, which she denied, clarifying that the lifestyle she was referring to was her lifestyle of addiction to food. Mandisa là một former employee of the Southern Baptist Convention, having joined the Convention in 2000 as a telephone sales representative for their LifeWay book division, and later in their women's enrichment events area, and later Beth Moore's Living Proof Live events. (Moore's books are published by LifeWay.)[8]
  • On the April 25 show, the theme of which was Greatest Love Songs and featured guest coaches Andrea Bocelli and David Foster, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe forced contestant Taylor Hicks to change his song a day before air time (and the same day as the dress rehearsal). Hicks' chosen song was "Try a Little Tenderness," but Lythgoe, in a radio interview, claimed the song was more appropriate for a Blues Brothers week and was not a song that Andrea Bocelli would sing. Hicks changed his song at the last minute to "Just Once" (James Ingram) and appeared very uncomfortable on stage. Hicks fans were distressed, feeling that a) Hicks' original choice of song was very appropriate to the theme; b) The producers changed the song at the last minute even though they must have known Hicks' choice the previous week as they must obtain clearance for all songs; c) Lythgoe's statement that it was not a song Andrea Bocelli would sing was dubious, as other song choices that were approved were songs sung by Bryan Adams ("Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman," sung by Chris Daughtry) and Donny Hathaway ("A Song for You," sung by Elliott Yamin).[9]
  • During the East Coast transmission of the May 2 show, Paris Bennett was bleeped while singing Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You" at the exact point where an obscenity appears in the lyrics. However, Fox confirmed that the song was not bleeped when it was broadcast on the West Coast. Forum posters on the West Coast said Bennett sang the radio edit of the song which excludes the obscenity, leaving viewers nationwide wondering why Bennett was precensored during the earlier live transmission. Paris was eliminated in the results show the day after.[10]
  • Following Chris Daughtry's elimination, many Idol fans claimed calls they dialed to Daughtry's line during the first few phút of voting were misdirected. According to them, the first of his two numbers was answered by a recording of Katharine McPhee (who was also in the bottom two that night) giving thanks for their vote rather than Daughtry. [1] Others reported similar behavior dialing other lines, such as dialing Elliott Yamin's line and hearing a recording of Daughtry giving thanks for their vote.[11]
  • On Top 5 night (May 3), Elliott Yamin performed first, with Taylor Hicks going out last. Next week (May 10) Katharine McPhee went out last. It was expected that Yamin would go out last on Top 3 night (May 17), but he was again the first one to sing, losing what is called the "pimp spot", while Hicks was the last one to perform that night. Yamin's fans were distressed stating it was Yamin's right to go out last, while Hicks should have been first, and that the show producers arranged it to have Yamin eliminated next night (May 18), which actually happened.

Hậu Idol[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

This is the first season that a majority of finalists have major label recording contracts after Idol. Of them - Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, Elliott Yamin, Chris Daughtry, and Kellie Pickler are distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment; Bucky Covington by Universal Music Group; MandisaAce Young by EMI. One other contestant that didn't even make the top 24 (Brooke Barrettsmith) was also picked up by Sony BMG, and Universal also picked up Brianna Taylor who also did not make the top 24. One finalist has a deal with an independent label - Paris Bennett. The remaining three finalists are unsigned - Lisa Tucker, Kevin Covais, and Melissa McGhee. (Covais and Tucker, however, have began began acting careers) Also, five semi-finalists have deals and albums with independent labels - Ayla Brown, Heather Cox, Patrick Hall, Will Makar, Stevie Scott and David Radford. In addition, at least one contestant who was cut before the semi-finals - Bobby Bullard - has also been signed and thu âm with a small label.

Sản phẩm âm nhạc[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Đĩa tổng hợp[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

The compilation album for this season was performed by the top twelve finalists.

Information Tải nhạc sốs
  • Phát hành: 23 tháng 5 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: - #3 (US)
  • RIAA Certification: - Gold
  • U.S. sales: - 311,946
Alphabetical order by song title
(#108 US)
(#52 US Pop)
(#73 US Pop, #76 US Digital)
(#69 US, #42 US Digital)
(#121 US, #90 US Pop)
(#43 US, #11 US Digital, #37 US Pop)

Đĩa đơn[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Nghệ sĩ Thông tin
Taylor Hicks "Do I Make You Proud/Takin' It to the Streets"
  • Phát hành: 13 tháng 6 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: Sony BMG
  • Chart Positions: (2006): #1 (US), #1 (Canada)
  • RIAA Certification: Gold
  • U.S. sales: 658,000 (physical sales), 86,000 (digital sales)
Katharine McPhee "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/My Destiny"
  • Phát hành: 21 tháng 6 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: Sony BMG
  • Chart Positions: #2 (US Hot Single Sales), #6 (Canada)
  • "Somewhere Over the Rainbow:" #12 (US)
  • "My Destiny:" #60 (US)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 150,000 (physical sales), 210,000 (digital sales)
Kellie Pickler "Red High Heels"
  • Phát hành: 25 tháng 9 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: BNA Records
  • Chart Positions: (2006): #15 (US Country), #64 (US), #67 (US Pop)
  • RIAA Certification: Gold
  • U.S. sales: 500,000
Daughtry "It's Not Over"
  • Phát hành: 21 tháng 11 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #4 (US), #3 (US Pop), #2 (Digital), #1 (Adult Top 40), #18 (Adult Contemporary)
  • RIAA Certification: Platinum[12]
  • U.S. sales: 3.276.000
Bucky Covington "A Different World"
  • Phát hành: 16 tháng 1 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Lyric Street Records
  • Chart Positions: #58 (US), #6 (US Country), #68 (US Pop), #64 (US Digital)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 168,000
Katharine McPhee "Over It"
  • Phát hành: 30 tháng 1 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #29 (US), #25 (Canada), #21 (US Pop), #18 (US Digital songs)
  • RIAA Certification: Gold
  • U.S. sales: 522,000
Taylor Hicks "Just to Feel That Way"
  • Phát hành: 5 tháng 2 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Arista Records
  • Chart Positions: #20 (US Adult Contemporary)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 10,000
Kellie Pickler "I Wonder"
  • Phát hành: 5 tháng 2 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: BNA Records
  • Chart Positions: #75 (US), #14 (US Country)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 198,000
Elliott Yamin "Wait for You"
  • Phát hành: March, 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RED Distribution
  • Chart Positions: #13 (US), #5 (US Pop), #20 (Digital) #4 (pop airplay), #4 (Adult Contemporary), #13 (Adult Top 40)
  • RIAA Certification: Platinum [13]
  • U.S. sales: 836,000 (vào 12/30/2007)
Daughtry "Home"
  • Phát hành: 10 tháng 4 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #5 (US), #7 (US Pop), #4 (Digital), #1 (Adult Top 40), #1 (Adult Contemporary), #12 (Hot Christian Songs)
  • RIAA Certification: Platinum[12]
  • U.S. sales: 1.320.000
Daughtry "What I Want"
  • Phát hành: 23 tháng 4 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #6 (Mainstream Rock)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 41,000+
Katharine McPhee "Love Story"
  • Phát hành: 7 tháng 6 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions:
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 36,000+
Mandisa "Only the World"
  • Phát hành: 22 tháng 5 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Sparrow Records
  • Chart Positions: #1 (US Single Sales), #7 (Hot Christian Songs), #5 (Christian AC)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 12,000
Taylor Hicks "Heaven Knows"
  • Phát hành: 28 tháng 5 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Arista Records
  • Chart Positions: #19 (US Adult Contemporary)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 11,000
Daughtry "Over You"
  • Phát hành: 17 tháng 7 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #18 (US), #14 (US Pop), #21 (US Digital), #3 (Adult Top 40), #16 (Adult Contemporary)
  • RIAA Certification: Platinum[12]
  • U.S. sales: 1.044.430
Kellie Pickler "Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind"
  • Phát hành: September, 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Sony BMG
  • Chart Positions: #16 (US Country), #102 (US)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: TBD
Bucky Covington "It's Good to Be Us"
  • Phát hành: September, 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Lyric Street Records
  • Chart Positions: #17 (US Country), #102 (US)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: TBD
Daughtry "Crashed"
  • Phát hành: 5 tháng 9 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #24 (Mainstream Rock)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: Unknown
Mandisa "God Speaking"
  • Phát hành: 22 tháng 10 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Sparrow Records
  • Chart Positions: #26 (Hot Christian Songs), #18 (Christian AC)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: TBD
Daughtry "Feels Like Tonight"
  • Phát hành: 8 tháng 1 năm 2008
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #24 (US), #17 (US Pop), #1 (Adult Top 40), #5 (Adult Contemporary)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 540,000
Daughtry "What About Now"
  • Phát hành: 1 tháng 7 năm 2008
  • Nhãn đĩa: Arista Records
  • Chart Positions: #18 (US), #21 (US Pop), #3 (Adult Top 40), #29 (Adult Contemporary)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 579,000
Daughtry "No Surprise"
  • Phát hành: 5 tháng 5 năm 2009
  • Nhãn đĩa: Arista Records
  • Chart Positions: #15 (US), #18 (US Pop), #19 (Adult Top 40), #10 (Adult Contemporary)
  • RIAA Certification: TBA
  • U.S. sales: 410,000

Album[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Nghệ sĩ Thông tin
Chris Daughtry Daughtry
  • Phát hành: 21 tháng 11 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #1 (US), #1 (Rock), #1 (Digital), #1 (Comprehensive), #1 (Internet)
  • RIAA Certification: 4x Platinum
  • U.S. sales: 4.270.000
  • UK sales: 2.900.000
Kellie Pickler Small Town Girl
  • Phát hành: 31 tháng 10 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: BNA Records
  • Chart Positions: #1 (US Top Country), #9 (Billboard 200), #12 (Canada Top Country Albums)
  • RIAA Certification: Gold
  • U.S. sales: 817,000
Taylor Hicks Taylor Hicks
  • Phát hành: 12 tháng 12 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: Arista Records
  • Chart Positions: #2 (US Billboard 200), #43 (Canada)
  • RIAA Certification: Platinum
  • U.S. sales: 702,000
Elliott Yamin Elliott Yamin
  • Phát hành: 20 tháng 3 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Hickory Records
    Sony RED Distribution
  • Chart Positions: #3 (Billboard 200), #1 (Top Independent Albums), #11 (Top R&B albums)
  • RIAA Certification: Gold
  • U.S. sales: 518,000
Bucky Covington Bucky Covington
  • Phát hành: 17 tháng 4 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Lyric Street Records
    Hollywood Records
  • Chart Positions: #4 (Billboard 200), #1 (US Top Country)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 374,000
Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee
  • Phát hành: 30 tháng 1 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #2 (US Billboard 200), #23 (Canada)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 373,000
Mandisa True Beauty
  • Phát hành: 31 tháng 7 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Sparrow Records
  • Chart Positions: #43 (Billboard 200), #1 (Hot Christian Albums)
  • RIAA Certification: Uncertified
  • U.S. sales: 155,000
Chris Daughtry Leave This Town
  • Phát hành: 14 tháng 7 năm 2009
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • Chart Positions: #1 (US Billboard 200), #1 (Rock)
  • RIAA Certification:
  • U.S. sales: 269,000

Sản phẩm âm nhạc[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Nghệ sĩ Thông tin
Bobby "Bluu Suede" Bullard The Bluu Suede Project
  • Phát hành: 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Stres Entertainment Inc.
Ayla Brown Forward (LP)
  • Phát hành: 17 tháng 10 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: Double Deal Brand Records [2]
  • U.S. sales: 3,200
Paris Bennett Princess P (LP)
  • Phát hành: 8 tháng 5 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: 306 Entertainment
  • U.S. sales: 22,000
Ace Young "Scattered (Digital Download)"
  • Phát hành: 20 tháng 10 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: Freeman Records
  • U.S. sales: -
Elliott Yamin "This Christmas (Digital Download)"
  • Phát hành: 6 tháng 12 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: Pulse Recording and Three Ring Projects
  • Chart Positions: #167 (Hot Digital Songs)
  • U.S. sales: - 87,000
Katharine McPhee "I Lost You"/"Dangerous" (Wal-Mart)
  • Phát hành: 19 tháng 12 năm 2006
  • Nhãn đĩa: RCA Records
  • U.S. sales: -
Patrick Hall One for the Ages (LP)
  • Phát hành: tháng 2 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: Ni-Fi Records
  • U.S. sales: -
Josh Royse Memories
  • Phát hành: 2009
  • Nhãn đĩa: Independent
David Radford Swing on By (LP)
  • Phát hành: 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: independent
Stevie Scott Stevie Scott (EP)
  • Phát hành: 29 tháng 7 năm 2008
  • Nhãn đĩa: Heat Rocc Entertainment
  • U.S. sales: -
Brianna Taylor Brianna Taylor (EP)
  • Phát hành: 3 tháng 6 năm 2008
  • Nhãn đĩa: Chamberlain Records
  • U.S. sales: 60,000[14]
Stephanie White Knee Deep InSanity (CD Baby)
  • Phát hành: 12 tháng 10 năm 2007
  • Nhãn đĩa: independent
  • U.S. sales: - 1,000+ vào tháng 4 năm 2008
  • Notes: lead singer of her band, Stephanie White and the New Jersey Philth Harmonic[15][16]
Ace Young Ace Young
  • Phát hành: 15 tháng 7 năm 2008
  • Nhãn đĩa: Pazzo Music
  • U.S. sales: 8,700

Giải thưởng[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Season five won American Idol the number one television show of the year on Nielsen Ratings for the third consecutive year. In 2006, American Idol also became the most nominated unscripted show ever, and has several nominations in the 2006 Emmy Awards for Season 5:[17]

  • Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
  • Outstanding Art Direction for a Variety, Music Program or Special - Episode #519
  • Outstanding Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program - Bruce Gowers
  • Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming (Large team entries - Primarily Multi-Camera Productions) - "Audition City: Greensboro"
  • Outstanding Lighting Direction - "American Classics Songbook with Rod Stewart"
  • Outstanding Lighting Direction - "Finale"
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety or Music Series or Special or Animation - "American Classics Songbook with Rod Stewart"
  • Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Series - Episode #530

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