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== Invitation to Organize Wikipedia Asian Month 2018 ==
Hey Chihaya~chan,
My name is Yu Lun, and I’m from the Wikipedia Asian Month International Team. It’s a great pleasure to meet you and see the effort you have put into the previous edition of WAM. Thank you! On a side note, have you received your postcard? If you have yet to receive the postcard, I can help you to check our records.
We are currently preparing the 2018 edition of the Wikipedia Asian Month and would like to check with you if you are still willing to organize the WAM on the '''Vietnamese Wikipedia'''? On behalf of the WAM team, I will be the liaison to Vietnamese Wikipedia this year. So if you have any questions, requests or ideas, feel free to contact me directly.
Meanwhile, as a WAM organizer, we will put you on this mailing list ( that is exclusively for organizers only. We will keep emails from that list to a minimal. But feel free to let us know if you wish to not be subscribed. Here is a survey we would like you to fill in ( This survey will ensure that we will be able to better help you in WAM 2018. I’m looking forward to seeing you at this year’s event!
--[[Thành viên:Yulun5566|Yulun5566]] ([[Thảo luận Thành viên:Yulun5566|thảo luận]]) 05:21, ngày 14 tháng 7 năm 2018 (UTC) on behalf of WAM International Team

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